antique goggles mirrored lense metallic frame on black comfort leather
pilot goggles mirrored lense metallic frame on hand stitched black backing
vintage aviator goggles mirrored lenses bright metallic frame on hand sewn black padding

Defy the elements and motorcycle in style!

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Vintage anti-UV motorcycle/ pilot/ aviator goggles

You'll capture the Unconquered spirit of independence in a pair of chromed and mirrored pilot goggles from Unconquered Customs. Our classic goggles are designed to the same specifications as those issued to pilots during the Second World War. Crafted from supple materials and hand-stitched over padded foam, the goggles mould perfectly to your face to ensure a comfortable fit. They also feature anti-mist lenses, non-slip headband which allows the goggles to fit over our selection of open-face crash helmets. Windproof your journey and keep UV out of your eyes. Light weight, fully adjustable and extremely comfortable. Strap on your helmet or fold them into your pocket.