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Retro style electric bikes built to your specifications!

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Post pandemic we are all trying to figure out how to get back on top of our daily commutes and we're looking for new ways to make our ride to work more enjoyable! Freedom has once again become something we must strive daily to achieve. If there’s a way of avoiding a commute by packed bus or rail filled with sweaty office workers and getting some fresh air instead - riders will find it!

Retro e bikes are becoming a popular solution because they allow you to ride at a speed that suits you, without getting sweaty or stressed. Plus, they look pretty damn cool! Yes, inspired by the design of the early American motorcycles - retro electric bikes are becoming the go to transportation solution for many students and suited execs alike, and rightly so! With unlimited customization options (design your bike here) , easy plug-in charging, and traffic-beating capabilities, retro styled electric bikes are taking the effort out of the morning rush and eradicating the boredom from the drive home! 

Who is the ideal customer for a retro e bike?

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The ideal customer for a retro electric bike is someone who values vintage style and classic performance and understands the price of good domestic made quality. They might be someone who loves retro motorcycles i.e. cafe racers but wants the convenience of an electric bike, or someone who wants the best of all worlds in terms of speed, cost to operate and range. For the performance enthusiast who loves vintage style there is no better choice than a retro electric bike. Someone who appreciates designs inspired by the early boardtrack motorcycles. And with a powerful motor and sleek lines, a retro electric bike is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd. Whether you're looking to cruise down to the beach or hit the trails, a retro e bike is sure to turn some heads!

Why choose a retro electric bike over regular e bikes on the market today?

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The style of a retro e bike is unique and nostalgic. The e bike itself is meant to harken back to the early motorcycles from the past (Indian/ Harley, Excelsior etc). Vintage! complete with a comfortable seat and an upright riding position. This style of e bike is perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement on their daily commute or weekend joy rides.


In addition to style, retro electric bikes are also known for their quality. These bikes are built to last a lifetime, and they offer comfort, power and durability that other bikes simply can’t match. If you’re looking for an electric bicycle that will give you years of trouble-free operation, a retro electric bike is the way to go.

Fat tires, comfy saddle, springer suspension = added comfort

Another benefit of choosing a retro electric bike is the extreme comfort during operation that it provides. Thanks to the upright riding position and the cushioned seat, you’ll be able to ride for hours without experiencing any discomfort. This is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a leisurely ride or make their daily commute more comfortable.

Vintage Looks

For many people, the appeal of a retro e bike lies in its vintage appearance. These bikes have a classic look from the past that is both eye-catching and timeless. If you’re looking for a bike that will turn heads, a retro electric bike is the perfect choice.


Retro ebikes ride just like any other electric bicycle, but they offer some unique benefits that make them ideal for certain types of riding. If you’re looking for a leisurely ride, these bikes are perfect; however, if you want to get some exercise, they can be ridden in a pedal assist mode. Thanks to their quality construction and comfortable seats, retro electric bikes are perfect for anyone who loves the journey.

The Unconquered Custom

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The Unconquered Custom is a retro electric bike with all the style of a beautiful old Indian or Harley, but with all of the features associated with a hi tech electric bike with an electric motor instead of a noisy engine. These retro styled electric bikes ride like a motorcycles, feels like motorcycles, and draw the eyes of the crowd as any retro styled ebike should.

At Unconquered Customs we know that electric bikes are not new anymore, and you can no longer wow people just by being electric—you need to do better than that. So we have provided our customers the means to create custom retro electric bikes at their own price via our online design tool and we then set to work putting these unique designs into production and onto the road!

We believe our unique combination of client driven customization and new school tech has resulted in a line of custom electric bikes that look as good as any gas-powered bike out there we even kept the gas tank (swapping out the gas for a 52V battery)but with a silent motor, and a more refined design.

Old school looks and quality meet awesome new school tech with extras - pedal assist and hydraulic disc brakes to name a few!

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Before we began to develop our product, we knew our custom retro ebikes had to tick several critical performance boxes: Top speed had to be fully programmable, a minimum range of 60 + km per charge. Each Unconquered Custom sports a host of impressive technical specs. The components within our builds are of the utmost quality from the motor (with power for 390 + RPM delivery) and chassis each machine is built to last a lifetime. Our vintage electric bikes  incorporate geared hub motor drives. Each motor is hand laced into the spokes, dished then trued into the rear wheel of the bike. The motor can either be programmed to kick in responding to your natural cadence via pedal-based sensor providing you with 5 x levels of pedal assist. Or the bike can be programmed to accelerate your ride in pure twist throttle mode. If you live in an area that's wet or hilly, you’ll be interested to know that we provide a powerful 1 hp motor along with many extras like hydraulic disc brakes, and extra wide tires to help prevent you and your cargo from skidding into traffic. If yours is a longer commute, leave your range anxiety at the door!

Incorporating retro looks into an ebike

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The overall aesthetic is not as easy to create as it looks—in fact, customizing these bikes can be incredibly difficult. Making a complex product look simple is one of the hardest things to do, and that’s especially true with Unconquered retro styled ebikes. The ‘tank’ on these vintage style electric bikes always seems to get a lot of comments. Putting a faux gasoline tank on the bike may sound unnecessary. But at the same time, and particularly with this retro style of ebike, some sort of heritage and natural evolution in the overall look of the machine from early American motorcycles was required.

Most retro ebikes have a drop in/perimeter style frame, where the battery box fits in the middle and the controller sits on top under a ‘tank.’ But each Unconquered Custom sits on an 82-inch-long tube framed chassis. ‘The chassis is super strong and adds a retro/soulful element that most retro ebikes just don’t have.’ With clever use of lines, bends, radiuses, and angles, it all works

Our wheels are 26-inch aluminum, front and back, dressed with 3 inch fat tires and customizable performance front ends. And the detail we try and make as good as the engineering on not only obvious items like the leather seats but also things like the CNC’d foot pegs, mounts and brackets.

Each Unconquered Custom retro e bike comes equipped with a digital display, 5 x pedal assist modes, twist throttle control, and a battery level indicator plus all the other gadgets that you would expect from a high-end electric motorcycle.

Our battery lithium ion polymer cells are Panasonic built for extended battery life, and the lcd and controller options are Bafang (two of the best companies in the world for this type of tech).

How to customize a retro e bike to fit your specific needs and preferences?

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It's simple! Use our Design a bike tool to create a classic aethestic that is unique to your style adding or subtracting components to fit your price and performance preferences. And we'll take your design and selection results and put them into production and onto the road!

Even more customization options after you receive the bike!

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Yes designing your own retro electric bike is one thing, but with an Unconquered Custom you'll be able to customize the performance of each ride you take via your fully programmable lcd dashboard or your mobile device! Choose how fast you want to go, how much pedal assistance you need, or operate with twist throttle only if you prefer along with 30 other programmable options!

Over 30 different programmable settings!

We won't bore you with all of the awesome programmability of our bikes, but here are some quick highlights; 

- Create a unique PIN for bike ignition

- Program power delivery and top speed

- Adjust controller maximum current 

- Adjust power assist

- Allow cruise control

- Enable regenerative braking for extended range

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Notice the pedals? That’s right – ours is a retro electric bike with a difference. With no license, insurance, or oil changes required, and these pedals are special.

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 Retro electric bike style vs price challenges for an electric bike

There are many design challenges that come with customization, and it’s very difficult to make a customized retro ebike look good while delivering on speeds and range at a price that buyers can accept. To solve this problem we have launched flexible finance options truly unique to the electric bike industry. For the same monthly price as a brand new MacBook, we’ve got you covered from the cafe to the beach, or office and we can guarantee a much more enjoyable daily commute than your colleagues!

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At Unconquered Customs we plan to continue releasing new customization options via our online electric bike design tool as customers continue to line up to create custom retro ebikes unique to their individual style.

Design an Unconquered Custom retro ebike that suits your style! Click on the button below and get started! 

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