Ebike with throttle

Why you want an ebike with a throttle

Thinking about whether or not you should purchase an ebike with a throttle? Hearing others talk about awesome having a throttle is? … and now you’re feeling like you might miss out? You may be right! Read on..

ebike with throttle

What does the throttle do on an ebike?

ebike with throttle

A throttle is a mechanical lever on the handlebars of an ebike that controls the speed of the bike by adjusting the intensity of the motor. A throttle lets you control speed and acceleration. If you want to go up a hill in one go, you just twist the throttle. If you want to go faster, twist it up to its highest level and then release it as soon as your desired speed has been achieved.

A throttle is a great option which enhances the ebike experience. Instead of needing to pedal to increase power, a throttle gives you a boost on demand, which can really come in handy in certain situations. I.e. Move up a hill from a stop without needing to pedal first, easily maneuver around obstacles, power through intersections quickly, catch up with other cyclists.

Also, if you find yourself unable to pedal for any given reason or in need of a quick break, or just tired from a long day at work a throttle provides relief. Overall, a throttle gives you more power and control, and it makes biking less intimidating — especially for those who haven't biked in a while. It's up to you whether you would prefer this functionality or not, so if you're ready to tackle steep inclines throttle-free, then have at it!

Pros of an ebike with a throttle

  • More control over your speed- You can get a burst of power whenever you need it
  • No need to pedal to engage the electric motor- So if you’re really tired, your ebike can practically drive home on it’s own
  • Great for stop and go traffic and hilly terrain- You’ll get moving quickly and easily
  • You can go uphill without pedaling at all
  • You can go farther on your ebike and not worry about being able to make it back (just use the throttle if you’re too tired to pedal)
  • And because you can ride a long distance, you’ll have the opportunity to get more exercise

 Difference between an ebike with a throttle and an ebike with pedal assist


Pedal assist allows ebike riders to activate a motor that propels them forward just by pedaling lightly. Whereas throttle gives riders a boost of energy and speed when they need it most, such as on steep hills.

To use pedal assist, you can pedal fast or slow, hard, or easy, and change the level of assistance available as needed.

A throttle, on the other hand, simply requires either a twist of the hand (for a twist throttle) or a push with your thumb (thumb throttle).

The throttle controls how much current from the battery is going to the motor. The more you twist the throttle, the more power goes to the motor. This, in turn, makes your ebike go faster than it would without a throttle. 

A pedal assist ebike only provides assistance when you push the pedals and engage the motor. With pedal assist, you can choose your preferred level of assistance. Most bikes have three to five levels of assist, ranging from low to high. You don't have to think about engaging pedal assist for it to work. You can enjoy your ride, and the pedal assist will kick in as you pedal depending on the level of assistance you set it at. 

For example, if you choose a low setting, you'll experience a little pedal assistance while you pedal harder and get a workout. A high setting, on the other hand, will get you where you need to go quickly and with a lot less effort than a low setting. A throttle ebike propels the bike forward without needing to pedal. All of our ebikes have both pedal assist and throttle capabilities.

Our ebikes have both throttle and pedal assist!

At Unconquered Customs, we wanted to create the best and most customized ebike experience possible for all kinds of riders, and for that reason, all of our bikes include both a throttle and pedal assist, so you can reap the benefits of both. Our vintage style bikes also feature advanced torque sensors to give you more power if you choose, and the harder you choose to pedal.


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