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longest range electric bike

E-bikes have emerged as the preferred mode of travel for countless urbanites in recent years and ebike manufacturers are now striving to manufacture their bikes with longest range to meet the demands of their customers.

Customers are paying close attention to each ebikes long range capabilities, because they allow users to explore more distant destinations while eliminating worries related to battery life. Additionally, e-bikes provide fatigue-free rides, making it easy for longer trips that wouldn't be possible on traditional bikes.

The advantages e bikes provide to riders combined with extra battery capacity make e-bikes with long range a desirable choice and riders seeking an ebike with longest range available would do well to compare models closely before they buy to compare range stats side by side.

At Unconquered Customs, we achieve impressive e bike range by installing our industry leading long range 52V lithium ion polymer battery packs standard within the gas tank of each long range vintage style bike we sell. In contrast e bikes from the competition are mostly only equipped with a medium range maximum 48V battery (in most cases, 36V).

Our long distance ebike battery is in the tank!

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So we have always been quite confident our custom electric bikes  were e

bikes with longest range in their class. However, we also knew that trying to pin down any electric bike's exact range can be complicated, difficult, and confusing. This in turn makes it difficult for our potential customers to conduct their own independent research, and compare electric bike models to their own range requirements before making a purchase decision.

Long range electric bicycle test

This led us to recently conduct a real-world long range electric bike test using an Unconquered Custom electric bike laced with our standard 1 hp electric geared hub motor then conducted testing using 4 of the industry's most common competitor battery sizes including a dual battery configuration. We then applied 5 different riding styles including pedal assist and measured the range of each. Our test yielded the following results;

 See the full report of our long rang electric bicycle test here.

longest range electric bike

Unconquered Custom long range electric bikes  - Each electric bike is a 100 mile range e bike depending on a variety of factors including average speed, terrain, rider weight etc. Conversely our competitor’s electric bikes with smaller 48V or 36V battery, typical range will only be 15-25 miles per charge. That’s a considerable difference! Unconquered Custom electric bike owners often describe the long range satisfaction they feel while riding, free from range anxiety and the worry that their battery may die during a ride. 

longest range electric bike in the world

Bigger electric bike batteries come are integral to a long distance e bike not only because of the charge capacity of the battery itself, but from the speed. As we mentioned before, bigger batteries are more powerful. With that power, you can ride much faster. I.e.  if two batteries' charge last the same length of time, the bike with the higher average speed will have travelled further.

Long range electric bike battery development

best long distance e bike

At Unconquered Customs, we noted the average riding range for electric bikes with smaller batteries typically varied from 15 to 25 miles. For those who like to use our electric bikes on outdoor adventures outside of the city, this is not enough. We knew this could be dramatically improved and we wanted our e bike to be among the longest range electric bikes on the market today.

Electric bike batteries engineered for range

best long range electric bicycle

We then set out to re-engineer the ebike battery for long distance. Our batteries  now provide long riding ranges nearly double that of similarly priced electric bikes. Each Unconquered Custom e bike comes standard with the best long range e bike battery available in the market today, able to propel riders =/> 100 miles per charge. To be more exact, the Unconquered Custom electric bike tops out at 100 miles (on a single battery) and is aimed at those who like to enjoy long range trips both in and out of urban areas. Each Unconquered Custom electric bike incorporates an ebike battery long distance capable and good for 1200 + recharge cycles along with regenerative braking capability. So if you are in the market for a long range electric bicycle.....

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