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This electric bike company wants to break the mold

electric bike company 

History is littered with well intentioned electric bike company start-ups who made big claims about revolutionizing the industry with their extra special electric bikes or motorcycles, only to disappear without a trace or leave everyone in the lurch waiting for their product. British company Arc and American brand Brammo are bike companies that come to mind as ones who promised much but ultimately delivered little, and the internet is full of other start up bike companies who discovered that the world wasn’t yet ready for their “innovation”

One highly recommended electric bike company which has thrown their hat into the ring is the exciting electric bike company Unconquered Customs, who recently broke ground with their eagerly anticipated design your own approach, allowing customers to design the over all look of their retro style electric bikes. This electric bike company works on the philosophy that electric bikes should provide raw excitement to ride yet be a pleasure to stand and admire through form and function working in harmony. Their chassis stands out from the crowd as a throwback to early board track bikes. The chassis is tig welded and constructed from large-diameter, laser cut aluminum tubing, with each connection points machined by craftsman to a high standard. Lightweight chromoly steel rigid or springer front forks control this nimble electric bike. The bodywork, including fairings, race bibs, tank badges and the gas tank are all individually made and painted.

The Unconquered Custom defies convention by using housing a lithium-ion polymer battery pack within the gas tank and first attacks your senses visually and with the sheer thrill that only a lightweight, silent electric bike can deliver. And it’s top speed is fully programmable.

An electric bike company boasting some impressive stats

Like many bike companies before them, Unconquered Customs throws around some pretty impressive stats for their base bike, like a 50+ flat track range on a single charge etc.

And their most innovative feature – a shape shifting detail and component package which is tailored by each customer individually prebuild via an online design tool. This is a electric bike company where customers can change handlebars, front ends, seats, and other components at the touch of a button and customize the overall performance, riding style and look of each bike to exactly what they want before the purchase!

In fact, the mission of this electric bike company is to create a paradigm shift within the market urging their customers to create and review prototypes and tailor a build to suit individual taste.

Where current mainstream commercially available electric bikes from companies like Radrover, Super 73, Emmo etc are all strictly conventional in their approach to electric bike design, Unconquered appears to be taking a page out of the early 1900 Indian playbook by reinventing the essence of what a motorized bicycle can be.

An electric bike company obsessed with range

The range comes courtesy of having the biggest battery in their class. Each Unconquered Custom comes standard with a 52V 18AH lithium-ion battery complete with BMS. Which should propel the average rider 50+ miles. This battery also recharges from root to fruit in 4 hrs with charger supplied. Despite the large battery, a 63 lb weight makes the Unconquered Custom electric bike lighter than most of the competition. Of course, power-to-weight ratio is the key to the bike’s performance, with a design philosophy of simplification and lack of weight.

A company that brings game changing technology to each electric bike build

And just like Tesla brought previously unheard-of technology to the car world, the Unconquered Custom electric bike company has included within each custom build a suite of intelligent technology designed to make each bike more connected to the rider.

For example, multiple throttle modes, LED displays complete with intelligent haptics create an extremely intuitive experience and make it easy for a rider to learn all the functionality each bike has to offer. Whether you’re excited by electric bikes or not, the tech on display by this electric bike company is interesting and could no doubt be applied to bikes with gas propulsion as well.

electric bike company

Founding an electric bike company

Unconquered Customs was founded by a Veteran who notes;

‘Our electric bike company was founded with the aim of producing electric bikes designed with the simplicity and purity of days gone by, like the turn of the century Indians or Harleys – yet pushing the limits of modern technology. Our dream is to create a small piece of North American motorcycling history. To be able to launch this special custom electric bike was a dream come true and our aim is to continue to push boundaries and create more interesting electric bikes, which we hope our customers will love.’

This electric bike company has a credible team behind it drawing on a diverse range of backgrounds from the automotive and renewable energy industries. The bulk of Unconquered talent is heavy on engineering and fabricating skill.

Innovative electric bike financing options

Perhaps some of this company’s most innovative products are their financing options. You can purchase a standard model for no money down and less than 100 per month. And the monthly payments are flexible. This electric bike company also launched a lease to own program for sub prime customers designed to make their product available to anyone who has seen recent hardship due to the pandemic.

The Unconquered electric bike company has committed to launch three distinct electric bike platforms within their line, and the company says that they can produce 300 units a year – with the order book already filling up. This electric bike company seems to have addressed the three major objections to ebikes, namely range, recharge time and price although how they will continue to make all the numbers add up remains to be seen. It will be up to us to stand by and see if they are successful in creating a new chapter in North American motorcycling history.

Author - Tim Favors, is a Fiverr technology content contributor, a freelance writer, electric bike enthusiast and guest blogger.

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electric bike company