Electric custom bike

Electric custom bikes built to suit your unique style!

electric custom bike

Looking for an inexpensive, convenient and fun way to get around without the shame factor. Unconquered Customs has your solution! We build electric custom bikes to reflect your taste and these are machines that you will be proud to ride! The same convenience of owning a moped (no license, registration, etc) but with the right esthetic. Use our design a bike tool to create your electric custom bike and make your next journey in style. Time to stop letting others have all the fun and climb aboard an Unconquered electric bike custom to your design!

Electric custom bikes with board track spirit

electric custom bike 

Our bikes pay homage to the vintage board track racers which were extremely popular in North America during the early 1900's. If you are unfamiliar, board track racing was a motorsport competition where riders would race on a circular track composed of wooden planks. During the Great Depression in the early 1930's board track racing fell out of favor, as many sponsors went out of business. However, it left behind some great technical advances that inspired and contributed to modern day American motorsports. Old-fashioned board track racing is responsible for the creation of banked tracks which produce raw speed as well as the wider tracks we are used to today allowing ample passing room for racers. Board track events were also the first to incorporate grandstands and stadium-style spectator viewing around racetracks.   

 Bringing back board track design, infused with new school electric custom bike tech!

Unconquered Customs has taken much inspiration from board track builds of the past and we have engineered modern tech into these traditional board track designs creating exciting electric custom bikes for all to enjoy. These bikes move north of 30mph and provide 60+ miles worth of range on a single charge! At Unconquered Customs we also realize that our customers share a greater connection and appreciation for the genesis of their own creativity - which is why we encourage our customers to design and create their own electric custom bike builds. 

Lay the cornerstone of your new electric custom bike design with a customized gas tank  (Of course our gas tanks do not hold gas, they house a high tech lithium ion power plant). We offer multiple traditional colors customizable to your taste. Black matches everything, so why not choose stovepipe black and always match your bike when commuting?  If you prefer a cleaner look, vintage white may be for you.. We also offer many others army green, primer grey, sunbeam and Indian red (viewed above). The first rendition above captures our modern day glossy Indian red  with a black frame and is sure to make your build pop. The second picture is an original board track racer from 1913. This bike incorporates a colonial Indian red tank color, red frame and vintage white Indian tires (also available for your build). 

Tank badge

 electric custom bike

Each Unconquered electric custom bike leaves the shop with an etched tank badge representing our brand. We are immensely proud of our builds so we include an engraved tank badge showcased on either side of every tank. We knew that our customers may want to customize their designs right down to the tank badge, so we went ahead and added the option to customize tank badge style and color. A favorite is the polished copper etched tank guard (pictured above) as it pairs well with all tank colors, rim and tire styles. In addition to the copper we also offer a polished aluminum etched, which suits the primer grey tank as well as adds to the cleanliness look of the vintage white tank. Both the polished copper and aluminum showcase well on the gloss finish of our tanks. However, if you are looking for something a more subtle we offer a satin/ matte finish in both black and olive drab.  

Full throttle!

Many agree, throttle options are the coolest customization that we offer.  Your throttle (after all) is how you command and power your electric custom bike and will most likely contribute the most to your familiarity with the performance of your machine. We leave this option 100% in your hands...literally. The first style we offer is the British Thumb style that sits on your left handlebar. This type of throttle is similar to an ATV style throttle. Levering the throttle works just like pressing the gas pedal on your car — no other action is required to accelerate or continue forward movement.

The second type of throttle that we offer is an American twist grip throttle which operates the same as any modern day motorcycle throttle. This is a favorite as many feel this is the way accelerating a motorcycle was meant to be. Our electric custom bikes are great for commuting or after work journeys, and you can't beat the freedom of throttling to and from your next adventure.  


Fat tires

electric custom bike

Complete your customization by selecting a tire style. We currently offer three different tire styles that suit all of our bikes and compliment each build in their own unique way. Our electric custom bikes perform well on both the street, rough terrain, and reliably in all seasons. Fat tires provide greater traction on wet pavement or gravel roads. A favorite is the black snake belly tread which again, matches everything. It completes a uniform look and matches the frame. The other two options are white wall tires and Indian white tires which contribute to a more nostalgic esthetic. Either of the white tire options contrast well with a red tank choice similar to the old school board track racer pictured above. 


Custom accessories 

electric custom bike

Lastly, all electric custom bikes may include a fat pannier and/or saddle bags. These utility options come in handy for those looking for storage capability for a trip to the grocery store or for storing lunch, laptop etc during their daily commute. The fat pannier is the storage/carrying rack that sits above the rear tire as shown below. The saddle bags are combined to triple your storage capacity. Fat tires will keep your bike balanced firmly on your path. 

It is one thing to purchase a cool looking electric bicycle and it is another to have the power to fully customize your own bike! From the tank and tank guard color down to the tires, Unconquered Customs allows you, the customer, to design nearly every aspect of your new electric custom bike.


Design an Unconquered electric custom bike that suits your style! Click on the button below and get started!

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electric custom bike