leather motorcycle helmet with goggles
black leather motorcycle helmet no goggles
black leather motorcycle helmet with visor attached side view
isometric view of black leather motorcycle helmet
tanned leather motorcycle helmet isometric view with visor and goggles attached
tanned leather motorcycle helmet side view

Adventure awaits! In this vintage leather motorcycle helmet

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Leather motorcycle helmet 

Look the part onboard your Unconquered in a vintage lightweight leather motorcycle helmet. Comfortable and well-made. Weighing a mere 3 pounds, this helmet will protect you on your journey without burdening your neck and shoulders. 

Leather motorcycle helmet available in tan or black

Available in tan or black colors and various sizes, so there’s a good chance you will find one that fits your head size and style preference perfectly. Its oval shape suits most bikers, and being an open face helmet, you should have no problem with the fit as long as you measure accurately and consult the size chart below. Choose from black or brown - with or without goggles.  S (54-56cm) M(57-58cm) L(59-60cm) XL(61-62cm) XXL(63-64cm)

consult the size chart below to ensure your motorcycle helmet fits perfectly!

leather motorcycle helmet size chart


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leather motorcycle helmet