Searching for a cheap electric bike built to last?

Cheap electric bikes, best bang for your buck

 If you are looking for a relatively cheap electric bike that is composed of top of the line components, you've come to the right place. Unconquered Customs vintage electric motorcycles use durable and long-lasting products to custom build all of their bikes. This ensures top quality on all builds to truly provide customers with a bike designed to last a lifetime! We don't like to include the word cheap in our content because when it comes to our bikes, aside from the price, nothing about these electric bikes are cheap. These vintage electric motorcycles are designed to provide our riders with the nostalgia and freedom that a motorcycle would, just without the license, registration, and gas bills. From the battery and motor all the way to the tires, Unconquered Customs electric motorcycles are fitted with exceptional constituents that combine to provide our customers with an overall high-end and cutting-edge electric bike. Oh! and did I mention that every customer can use our design a bike tool to fully customize their electric motorcycle to compliment their style?! 


Unconquered Custom ebikes incorporate exceptional motors

Without a doubt, the most important part of our builds is the motor. The motor is responsible for essentially every aspect of how the electric bike will perform. From the top speed of the bike to uphill performance, the motor is responsible for it all. This is why we guarantee you that we use nothing but the absolute BEST motors for all of our builds. Despite sharing the same basic technology, the motors you’ll see on today’s Electric bikes come in four basic types: friction, mid-drive, direct-drive hub, and geared hub. To refrain from boring you with all the specifics of each motor type (Which you can find in a previous blog here) I'll quickly discuss geared hub motors, which just so happen to be the best type, and coincidentally the same motor that ALL Unconquered Customs electric motorcycles are equipped with!


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Above is a picture of a deconstructed geared hub motor.  Geared hub motors operate like direct-drive hub motors, except that within the hub, there is an electric motor that spins at a much higher speed. That motor’s shaft connects to a series of planetary gears that connect to the hub, spinning the hub at a lower speed. This method generates more desired torque, and delivers a feeling of quick acceleration and power to riders of all sizes when you twist the throttle. Also, geared hub motors can be half the weight of a direct-drive motor yet produce the same torque because of the geared motor’s higher internal RPM. Because geared hub motors operate outside a bike’s chain drive, they don’t wear down chains and cogs like mid-drive motors can. They also don’t require frame alterations for the motor to fit like the mid drives do. Lastly, they are able to be configured to run exclusively under the throttle control which makes them perfect for the Unconquered Custom Electric motorcycle build. 


Batteries that eliminate the stress & worry of being stranded

Without a good electric bike battery, you won’t get very far! Here at Unconquered Customs we never want our customers to be left wondering if they can make it to their desired destination on a single charge. When many people purchase electric bikes one of their greatest fears is that they will not have the range to reach their destinations. This is why we use the most updated battery on the market: a lithium-ion polymer (LiPo) battery. Again, I won't bore you with all the batteries that we could have used, I'll just dive into the advantages of the lithium-ion polymer and why we chose it. However, if you would like to learn more about other batteries you can follow this link to another previous blog post of ours that breaks down the different battery types in great detail.

lithium-ion polymer for cheap electric bike

Lithium batteries are comprised of the best chemistry to suit electric bikes in terms of both range and weight. It is the most power dense Lithium combo available, and due to its polymer properties it can be molded into interesting shapes. Because of these two characteristics LiPo batteries can be found in almost every cell phone, laptop, etc. Our long range battery packs are integrated into the tank and locked into the frame and provide our riders with a range of 50+ miles! They are not the least expensive, but because of the advantages listed above they are our chemistry of choice and the only type of cells we use and trust at Unconquered Custom Electric Cycles within our battery packs. These batteries do not contain liquid, so they do not require the heavy protective cases which other batteries need. Also, the absence of free liquid within these batteries means that they are more stable and less vulnerable to problems caused by overcharge, damage or abuse. In general, they seem to be ideal for use in high capacity, low power applications like electric bikes. Unconquered Customs is quickly gaining a reputation for our superior electric bike battery packs. This is because we use only authentic name-brand Lithium Ion cells (Panasonic or Samsung) and choose only the very best models from these brands made with the best polymer ingredients. 

Unconquered Custom Fat Tires

Cheap Electric Bikes that use top of the line fat tires for great traction in the snow


Someone once said …. ‘Old school is the best school’. If this statement resonates with you, then you’ll understand why we incorporate a pair of vintage fat tires into each electric bike we build. We create vintage machine builds and pack them with the latest tech. Old school quality and looks engineered for your modern commute. Unconquered Custom vintage electric motorcycle fat tires deliver the perfect balance of old and new. The patterns and colors offer a classic look, while each tire’s functionality has been engineered for modern performance. Our bikes were designed for both the street and rough terrain, but also as a reliable all season machine, and fat tires will not slip on wet pavement or gravel roads. Our tires are capable of extending your fun well into the winter months. Our fat electric bike tires are designed to diffuse pressure between rider and bike through their extra contact surface. Riding over bumpy terrain on a pair of vintage fat electric bike tires is comparable to rolling along over paved surfaces on regular tires. Unconquered Customs fat tires absorb more shock than anything you’ll find on our competition, or any regular bicycle for that matter. Fat tires do not need regular inflation to precise levels, they provide a high standard of rider comfort even at low tire pressure. Instead of calculating efficiencies, spend your time enjoying your commute, leisurely buzzing along, or pulling as hard and as fast on the throttle as you can….. Your Unconquered Custom Electric Cycle will do all the heavy lifting for you on a pair of quality vintage fat electric bike tires.  

Save your money & your worry

When you shop Unconquered Customs electric motorcycles you'll purchase cheap electric bikes with superb product ratings. All of our custom builds are comprised of resilient products that are built to last. I can personally say I have previously bought a certain product over another solely based on price comparison and I have NEVER been satisfied with my purchase. You end up wasting the money and then spending more money on the product that you should have purchased from the start. Everyone knows that you get what you pay for and when you shop Unconquered you are getting a top of the line product and leaving the stress and headache of dissatisfaction aside.


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