How fast is an Unconquered Custom electric bike

How fast is an Unconquered Custom Electric Bike? And what is the maximum speed an electric bike is limited to on public roads?

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Two very similar yet different questions and probably two of the questions we field most often here at Unconquered Custom electric bikes. Mostly from potential customers exploring the feasibility of a custom ebike purchase for use in their daily commute.

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Customers want to make sure their e bike will be capable of navigating their commute at maximum speed, they want to make sure they get to their workplace or office in a timely fashion and they don’t want to exhaust themselves getting there. They want to arrive in style, not in a sweaty mess. They want to be able to twist the throttle, sit back, relax and enjoy the liberty and freedom of motorcycling the way it was meant to be!

There is certainly a difference between how fast your Unconquered electric bike is allowed to go per local bylaws vs how fast your Unconquered e bike can go!

In some cases these may be very different values and as more and more Unconquered electric bikes populate the roads and pathways within USA and Canada, riders should know the difference.

Unconquered Custom electric bikes are proving hugely popular among our customers for commuting, and continue to achieve 5 star reviews for their build quality and quick acceleration.

Hand built, Unconquered electric bikes continue to lead the charge as practical alternatives for the car in many parts of the U.S and Canada. And we have quickly gained a reputation as a highly proactive company when it comes to developing, adopting and incorporating the latest EV technology innovations into our builds.

Let's deal with the second question first; 

How fast is an electric bike allowed to go?

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E bikes are usually restricted by the top speed they are allowed to assist you, normally 28 mph (45 km/h) most places within the United States or Canada. Although some states within the U.S. are considering up to 32 mph (51 km/h). It varies depending on where you may live and which e bike class they allow there.

This is an important point. Electric bike classifications are only relevant to the bylaws and particulars of the specific area where you plan to operate your ebike.

Certain jurisdictions, municipalities, metropolitan area areas etc may separate out which class of e bike is accepted on which local road surfaces or pathways.

Unconquered Customs offers a fully programmable (on the fly) one size fits all solution to satisfy any local electric bike classification rule within the United States and Canada. Speed regulation on an Unconquered Custom is a feature meant to help the rider conform to any legal class for on-road driving and maintain the fastest top speed allowable.

Electric bike speed classifications both throttle and pedal assist only

Electric bikes within the U.S. carry a classification based on how fast they propel your ride and how they provide acceleration. For example by pedal assist only, or through the use of a throttle. 

The Bicycle Product Suppliers Association (BPSA) classifies electric bikes based on the top speed at which the electric bike motor assists the ride, and how much effort it takes to get the e bike up to speed.

Twenty-two states have now adopted this three-class system. An electric bike’s classification will determine if you can ride your electric bike on bike paths and in bike lanes, or strictly on roadways or off road only, these laws vary by state.

  • Class 1 e bikes can have a motor power up to 1hp that provides assist while you are pedaling to reach speeds up to 20 mph.
  • Class 2 e bikes have a throttle and motor power up to 1hp that can propel a bike up to and maintain 20 mph, without having to continuously pedal assist.
  • Class 3 e bikes can have a motor power of 1hp, but can assist you to higher speeds without the need to pedal. Learn more about Class 3 ebikes here!

All are allowed in most states and cities throughout the United States without the requirement of a license, registration or insurance. Unconquered Custom electric bikes are categorized as Class 3 out of the factory as they come preprogrammed for 28 mph before vehicle load. But

each Unconquered Custom can easily be programmed post purchase to satisfy either of the other (class 1, or class 2) categories.

Pro tip! Own a fast electric bike and don't want to be hassled by the man?

Maintain a set of functioning pedals on your bike! 

Most authorities recognize, when simply peddling fast the average person (forget Lance Armstrong) is capable of achieving speeds beyond these limits. Even coasting downhill without using pedal power whatsoever, one could generate greater speeds.

In almost all jurisdictions most ebikes are defined as a vehicle with two wheels (or three) having a rear hub or mid drive motor limited by class to 20 mph - 28 mph and capable of pedaling at any time.

So the last word on this, is keep the pedals on the bike and you’ll get no hassle! Of course all Unconquered Custom electric bikes come standard with a unique built in mechanical solution for this problem.

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The pedals on board unconquered custom electric bikes are fully indexable. Meaning that with the pull of a plunger you can index both pedal positions to bottom dead center much like the foot pegs on a motorcycle.
Index your pedals when you want to keep your legs in a comfortable position during pure throttle (motorcycle) mode riding. They can be re-indexed at any time to 180 degrees if pedaling or pedal assist mode is necessary.

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Laws limiting how fast electric bikes can go are meant to keep us safe!

Also keep in mind that speed limits are essential for keeping everyone safe. Part of the nostalgia and fun of riding an Unconquered Custom is that each machine evokes the remembrance of a simpler time; before worries like gas, emissions, license, registration, and insurance got the better of us.

Freedom once sat parked in the backyard, the shed or the garage just waiting for you to hop on. Back then it was about the excitement of independence and autonomy not tearing up the tarmac or breaking the land speed record! 

How fast is an Unconquered Electric Bike?

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When operating Unconquered Custom electric bikes on private property or a closed circuit race track, throttle only mode can be selected from the handlebar mounted controller.

This assist mode works similar to the Class 3 operation, and the e bike can achieve maximum power and motor assistance allowing the electric bicycle to reach top speeds.

In this mode, the electric assist, torque and maximum speed may be faster than you are used, max speed depends on many factors such as rider weight, cargo weight, tire pressure, wind, road surface, inclination and ambient outdoor temperature.  

In throttle only mode, the system’s power output may be increased significantly at a higher speed limit and may drain your battery at a faster pace.

As the electronics on these powerful electric bikes work under load, the system’s temperatures may increase, however, onboard sensors will engage to maintain the reliability of the electronics.

Throttle only mode requires a certain level of responsibility. When you know you have access to a safe and private road or path surface use throttle mode. In this mode, each Unconquered Custom ebike may go faster than you are used to. 

Just don’t take it on any public streets without switching to a power-limiting or pedal assist only mode and remember to always wear a helmet!

How fast is an electric bike vs how fast should you go on your electric bike?

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Most Unconquered Custom clients purchase their machines for the daily commute and or joy riding after work and on weekends.

Which ever use you plan on your Unconquered will get you there in style and with a smile on your face. But remember, just because you can go fast, doesn’t mean you should always travel at that pace. In fact, there are many situations in which you should not ride at high speeds.

For example, if you’re riding on a shared bike path full of people, it’s best to travel at lower speeds so you minimize the risk of running into someone. Or maybe you have a longer commute or trip and want to maximize your range. Use common sense when it comes to traveling at a greater speed limit.

Consider road conditions, your brakes, your skill level and overall comfort riding your electric bike. Also remember that traveling at a higher speed limit can cause more injury if you were to crash. I think I say this in every article, at least twice.. Be sure to wear a helmet, preferably a motorcycle helmet!

 A quick word about the bikes specs

When navigating electric bike specifications you will no doubt encounter many units and values that may be confusing to you such a watts, amps, amp hours etc.

Most people are mistaken in thinking that a higher wattage motor is a faster motor, this is not always the case. The speed is regulated via the controller and the amperage that is fed to the motor.

Higher wattage generally equates to more power, and torque. More power add more torque are important for hill climbing or for heavier riders and payloads.

Not surprisingly, the heavier you are, or the hillier your local terrain - the more power you will need to accelerate yourself along with bike.

At Unconquered Customs we’ve bet that customers will want the highest wattage within the law.

Each unconquered custom ebike incorporates the largest (most powerful motor with most torque) rear DC hub drive motor allowable across all three (class 1, class 2 and class 3) clas within the United States and Canada.

What is the best speed/ mileage mix for an Unconquered Custom electric bike?

Best mileage speed and range are somewhat subjective - so i will answer as best i can.. Hacking the speed is possible, but of course - not advisable, as that would put you out of safety compliance in most areas, and in my opinion is for sure not an enjoyable speed on the bike.

The best mileage speed is probably somewhere around 22 mph ... i've driven the bikes to failure myself, and i can tell you - you'll get incredible distance that way. (i'm approx 210 lbs and was riding on a flat surface) We preprogram all our electric bikes to max out rpms before load around 28 out of the factory. 

 How many charges can I get out of a battery? 

Unconquered Custom e bikes leave range anxiety at the door! Each machine incorporates A Li-ion battery pack housed and locked within the gas tank with loads of potential energy ready to be sent to your motor!

Engage the motor via your LCD screen and you’ll have all the range you can handle. The physical battery is housed in weatherized, shock proof vessel, locked to the upper tube of the bike frame and further housed by the tank itself. This robust configuration supports 500 repeated charge cycles without degradation.

  In conclusion

Unconquered Custom e bikes are the ideal companion for your daily commute, program yours to satisfy whatever regulations apply to (or classes) govern the route you will be travelling. Index both pedals down if you like, and enjoy the journey in throttle only mode.

Or if you are traveling off the beaten path give er in full throttle mode. Whichever blaze of glory you decide – always wear your helmet and enjoy the independence and the profound sense of freedom when you twist the throttle! 

Design an Unconquered Custom electric bike that suits your style! Click on the button below and get started!

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