Class 3 ebike

Class 3 Ebike

A higher speed limit is what differentiates class 3 ebikes from their counterparts within the class 1,- 3-tiered system. Class 3 ebikes continue to garner support by ebike riders, especially ones eager for excitement. This is mainly because class 3 ebikes offer pedal assistance to higher speeds, making class 3 ebikes the fastest category of US ebikes that don’t fall into the electric motorcycle category, and they propel riders much faster than the ebikes within the other two classes. Class 3 ebikes must have a speedometer, an operable set of pedals and may or may not have a throttle. Class 3 Unconquered Custom ebikes incorporate an optional thumb or twist grip throttle and a motorcycle mode setting, so your motor is always ready to engage up to 100% of it’s available power - allowing you to make your journey with or without any leg work.

 Class 3 ebikes and tiered ebike classification across the states

All fifty states and Washington, D.C. define ebikes in some way, but it varies from state to state whether ebikes are classified using the 1-to-3-tiered class system, or ebikes are non tiered (no classification system adopted) within their respective locations. Here's how ebike classification looks outside of CA;

class 3 ebike 


Class 3 ebike operation within states using the tiered class system

Of the states that categorize ebikes, 36 of them use a three-tier system like what we discussed above. Tiered categorization allows states to separate ebikes from other motorized vehicles like mopeds or scooters. Most of the classification parameters in these states are similar, so riders shouldn't have much trouble understanding the overlap. Some states diverge on the rules of ebike operation. For instance, in California, Class 1 and 2 eBikes can be operated by any age rider and can use dedicated bikeways in addition to bike lanes on roads. In contrast, California requires Class 3 eBike riders to be at least 16 years old and to wear a helmet, while usage on dedicated bikeways is prohibited unless the local county or city has specifically allowed it.

class 3 ebike

 Class 3 ebike operation in non tiered states

Fourteen states regulate ebikes without implementing the tiered classification system. These include Hawaii, Oregon, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, D.C., Delaware, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. Perhaps the most important takeaway here is that regulations on ebikes are changing quickly and generally getting less rather than more restrictive. If you live in one of the non tiered states mentioned above you can research local laws before operating your class 3 ebike here 


A class 3 ebike which can be programmed to satisfy any class??

class 3 ebike

Unconquered Customs builds versatile ebikes that can be used for a wide variety of purposes and can legally satisfy all 3 classifications depending on how you program your bike within the settings of your dashboard. When you purchase an ebike that can be programmed to meet the specifications of all classes, you can one stop shop and be confident that you will be able to legally drive your ebike anywhere within the US or Canada. This added class versatility gives you additional legal access to bikeways and multi use trails which may be limited to class 1 or 2 ebike traffic.  

Unlocking class 3 ebike speedsclass 3 ebike

Yes, an Unconquered Custom ebike  is speedy, yet is still legally compliant within the ebike classification system via programmable dashboard modes, and correct rider operation.

As mentioned above Unconquered Customs offers a fully programmable (on the fly) one size fits all solution to satisfy any local electric bike classification rule within the United States and Canada. Speed regulation on an Unconquered Custom is a self-imposed feature meant to help the rider conform to any legal class for on-road driving.

You can ride throttle only in motorcycle mode without a top-speed restriction if you are on private property. It's easily done with a few taps on the bike's dashboard lcd display. In this manner you can enjoy the potential of higher speeds but remain class 3 ebike compliant. In fact by adjusting the fully programmable dashboard settings can turn your Unconquered Custom ebike into a Class 1 or 2 ebike as well.

Avoid a hassle and keep the pedals on your class 3 ebike!

Maintain a set of functioning pedals on your class 3 ebike! Authorities have lately been keen to hand out fines to riders who remove their ebike pedals. In fact, the one common rule between all ebike classifications across the US and Canada is that you must maintain a set of operable pedals on your ebike. So, the last word on this, is keep the pedals on the bike and you’ll get no hassle! Of course, each Unconquered Custom ebike comes standard with a unique built-in mechanical solution to this problem. 

The pedals on board an unconquered custom ebike are fully indexable. Meaning that with the pull of a plunger you can index both pedal positions to bottom dead center much like the foot pegs on a motorcycle.

class 3 ebike 

Index your pedals when you want to keep your legs in a comfortable position during pure throttle (motorcycle) mode riding. They can be re-indexed at any time to 180 degrees if pedaling is necessary.


Class 3 ebike helmet rules

State lawmakers set unique helmet laws for class 3 ebike riders and passengers, and some even leave regulation to local governments. Many states require helmets in some capacity through laws centered around age, class or a hybrid of the two. Connecticut is one state that requires all riders to wear a helmet, while a few states allow you to ride without one. Inquire with your state's transportation department to determine its helmet requirements for class 3 ebike riders.

Road and Sidewalk Regulations for class 3 ebike operation

The legality of riding a class 3 ebike on the road or sidewalk varies across states. Ebikes must share the road with cars and follow the same rules in Alabama, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Virginia, and a few others. Some states allow ebikes on sidewalks as well as roads, including Arizona, Washington, Minnesota, and Utah. Even so, keep in mind that these states may limit which ebike classes can ride on the sidewalk.

Multi-use Trail Regulations for class 3 ebikes

Whether or not you can ride a class 3 ebike on multi-use trails is up to local and state governments. Some states like Colorado have implemented pilot programs to test how ebikers affect other riders on rail trails and hiking paths. Inquire with city officials to determine if ebikes are allowed on local multi-use trails. 

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The experts at Unconquered Customs want to help you understand which class of ebike you should investigate and where you can operate them in California and beyond. If you are unsure about which classification fits your particular needs, please contact us online for more information!

Is a class 3 ebike the ideal choice for your unique needs and riding style? If you're interested in both commuting and adventuring, we recommend designing your own versatile class 3 ebike at the link below. A customized class 3 ebike is guaranteed to get you where you're going in style!


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