Top 10 reasons to switch to an electric bike

Two wheels = good, four wheels = bad – that’s the simple message when it comes to transportation vs sustainability and climate change. Small, personal changes in made to our individual lifestyle and behavior can make a world of difference to our planet!
Yes, it is good business to make some changes to the way you travel, whether that’s getting to and from work, or going for a joyride on the weekend. Ditching the car and public transport for an Unconquered Custom Electric Cycle gives you the chance to save money, improve your personal fitness and do your part to help our planet.
Here are some great reasons why it makes sense to change the way you travel to two wheeled electric – today!


When it comes to the office commute, we cannot continue to perpetuate traditional methods of transport – so say the planet’s children, and they’re right. Which is why, in 2019, cyclists worldwide have been travelling an ever increasing amount of road, and why participation in cycling as a method of transportation has been increasing exponentially every year since 2008.


The magic of an Unconquered Custom vintage electric bike is that the motor only assists you up to a speed of 28 mph. Any higher than that, and it’ll be you doing all the work. So it aids you when you’re feeling the strain, without ever preventing you from getting a hell of a good workout, if you so choose.


According to all recent studies, cycling to work, and cycling for other appropriate errands is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, compared to making the same journeys by car or public transport.

Clean transportation

Electric bikes can be ridden under your own steam, of course, but if you need that extra push, there’s an internal battery powering a discrete electric motor system, using energy that’s clean, green and leaves no footprint!


Not everyone is at peak fitness all the time, and that includes cyclists. For people with health issues, who are just a little older and may struggle with that arthritic ankle etc, assisted cycling can be a huge game changer.

No sweat!

A lot more people use a bike to get to work, but with them follows a bouquet of sweaty scents and pit stains that don’t settle well in an open-plan office setting. Assisted cycling takes the sweat out of your ride. You could even complete it in a silk suit…

Save money!

How much was that Uber fare? Whether you’re spending your daily latte limit or having to put money away for an annual season bus/ subway pass, e-biking is a real alternative to commuting by public transport with all its costs and frequent delays.
And by taking advantage of Cycle to Work programs in place across the US, you could save almost half the price of a new electric bike.

Something for the weekend

All good things in life are worth waiting for – and that includes your weekends, whether that be a leisurely assisted cycle around town or a motorized ride into the countryside - wherever it is you’d like to go an Unconquered Custom Electric Cycle will get you there in style… speaking of…


Unconquered Custom electric bikes have some of the most attractive vintage designs on the road, whether you design a compact or commuter model with panniers for more extended rides.

New improved models

As we continue to infuse Unconquered E Cycles with the latest battery and motor technology, riders can expect longer distances between recharging – as well as lighter frames and sturdier rides.

The future is here!

Oil-fueled internal combustion is a Victorian technology, bizarrely still in use in the 21st century, despite being well past its sell-by date. The future is totally electric, clean and green – and travelling down the road on two wheels.

In conclusion

Yes, we are in the business and would like to sell you an electric bike! But honestly, we could have just kept writing indefinitely as there are so many advantages associated with this new hybrid form of transportation. As we've said so many times before, you really can't climb on board an Unconquered Custom, twist the throttle and not smile - its impossible!