Electric bike seats shouldn't be a pain in the ass!

Your electric bike seat shouldn't be a pain in the ass!

If you are anything like us, you probably can't understand why the seats on most electric bikes are so hard and skinny! Electric bike seats can be extremely uncomfortable especially on long journeys, severely limiting enjoyment of the bike. We always thought.., why on earth can’t these guys make a more comfortable bike seat??

So when the time came to develop saddle options for the Unconquered Custom, we knew we had an opportunity to best our competition in the seat department. We began from the premise that most Unconquered Custom owners would be riding our electric bikes in motorcycle mode (both pedals indexed resting on foot pegs) using throttle only and pedaling only when they had to. From there comfort and style became our ultimate goal.

Different seat options for different riding styles

Within our bike design tool we offer different shapes of seats for different styles of riding. Generally, the more you intend to be pedaling (completely optional on an Unconquered Custom) the skinnier your seat choice should be. This is because the more you pedal, the more your body weight is supported by your legs and handlebars instead of the seat. Also, the nose at the front of the seat is narrow for a reason. A wider nose often doesn’t give enough clearance for a rider’s thighs, so a rider who plans on maintaining a high ratio of pedaling to motorized cruising may find themselves rubbing against the front of a wider seat during excessive rotation.

Typically, riders who enjoy electric bike full throttle riding and the speed associated with it will want a more aggressive riding position closer to the front of the bike leaning further forward. This favors a seat suited to this style.

Less aggressive riders may choose seats that have a slight curve in the design which can relive pressure on parts of the body that make contact with the seat. They are also more likely to sit further upright so a slightly wider seat can often be more comfortable.

bobber style electric bike seats!


The seat material options also have a noticeable impact on a riders comfort, and the two seat material choices offered at Unconquered Customs are synthetic or leather. Leather seats take a lot longer to wear in, but once they do they mold to your body and these seats are a popular choice for our riders.tractor style tan leather electric bike seat

While leather seats may be hard initially, after the breaking in period, they become softer and show character not seen in the synthetic seats. As the seat ages, they take on the individual characteristics and markings from weather and rider use which makes them unique.

And of course bike seat customization is King!

Choose from our popular vintage bobber styles or traditional tractor styles in either black or brown leather or poly urethane.

Design an Unconquered Custom electric bike that suits your style! Click on the button below and get started!


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