WW2 motorcycle helmet
WW2 motorcycle helmet

WW2 motorcycle helmet (German), a great look for vintage motorcyclists!

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WW2 motorcycle helmet German tactical with aviator goggles, matte and gloss black avail 

Stay street legal at the throttle or in the sidecar, with a German tactical WW2 motorcycle helmet and add character to your ride! This classic German battle helmet was first developed sometime between WWI and WW2 for general purpose use within the German Army. There was no need to create a separate helmet for soldiers in mobile motorcycle units, they simply wore the battle helmets.

This WW2 motorcycle helmet has aerodynamics inherent to it's design

This German style WW2 motorcycle half helmet has an exterior shell aerodynamically shaped for cutting through the air with less buffeting and wind noise. You'll find this style of helmet will greatly reduce neck and shoulder stress during a long ride. This vintage style helmet also has a padded neck and heavily cushioned interior with comfort strap and chin cup. Available in matte or gloss finish.

Motorcycle helmet pairs great with other apparel

Pairs great with a Barnstormer motoring coat. Each helmet comes complete with a pair of premium aviator goggles. Be sure to employ a tape measure and consult sizing chart to ensure your optimal fit! 

Consult size chart below to ensure your ww2 motorcycle helmet is a perfect fit!

ww2 motorcycle helmet size chart


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WW2 motorcycle helmet