Custom ebikes you design!

Why we build custom ebikes

Have you ever found yourself looking at a an ebike  and thinking that you have never seen that style of a bike in a store or for sale before? Chances are that is because you were looking at a custom ebike. We want to create individual machines tailored to our customers  and customization can be as simple as paint, alternative handle bars or as in depth as full chassis modifications to give a completely new look to the custom built electric bike.

Each custom ebike spells F-R-E-E-D-O-M

Freedom is a vital part of our psyche. It dominates our political rhetoric, our supermarket aisles, our football games, and it even extends to our love affair with two wheels. Ever since the first Harley rolled off the line in 1903, riders have been eager to customize their electric bikes, often doing so in dimly-lit garages with only crude tools and great ideas. is is no millennial invention. Yes custom bikes have always been around. In early days of motorcycling shortly after WWII, that was what it was all about. Black-and-white photographs show young men, just back from the war in Europe or Japan, sitting astride trimmed-down custom bikes and smiling, and it only progressed from there. Soon they were lacing Harley star hubs to 21-inch Triumph rims, mounting BSA and Norton gas tanks to Harley frames and rigging up tall ape-hanger handlebars.

Things have gotten a little more high-tech since then, i.e. custom electric bicycle ….but the same force is still driving the wheel of innovation for all bikers: the freedom to choose! 

The Inspiration behind Unconquered Custom ebikes

A century ago, Americans fell in love with speed. While the Wright Brothers flew overhead and Model T’s rolled off Henry Ford’s assembly line, the new sport of board track racing began drawing large crowds bent on celebrating a two wheeled future.


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The Hendee Manufacturing Company had introduced the 1.75-horsepower, single-cylinder Indian in 1901. Harley-Davidson followed in 1903. Inevitably, racing ensued. Early contests were held on horse-racing ovals and bicycle velodromes, but around 1909 wooden boardtracks were built specifically for these motorized bikes in Los Angeles and then elsewhere.

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We wanted Unconquered Custom electric bikes to capture the same raw feeling of freedom and excitement that the early boardtrack style motorcycles had right down to batteries housed within period style custom gas tanks.


Custom electric bicycles reflect your individuality

For many people choosing to customize their electric bicycle to reflect their life and personality just makes sense. People also choose custom e-bikes to express themselves. For example, some Unconquered Customs clientele request their bike customized with vintage or patriotic themes, while others may choose a tribal or military theme., The possibilities are limitless.


Custom ebikes are Conversation starters!

Each custom electric bike is a great conversation starter. Nothing is better than having someone walk up and ask about your custom made electric bike after they have been completely blown away by the killer paint job and customized ebike options, it’s a great feeling! And many Unconquered custom ebike owners are more than happy to hang out and discuss the modifications and accessories incorporated into their custom electric bicycle builds. It is a great way to show others what modifications look good and are possible, and share knowledge a among riders.

Conceive and design your custom electric bike

It all begins with your idea. In the world of custom e bikes, anything is possible. Whether you want an Indian girder style front end, special paint or a bobber style tan leather seat Unconquered Custom ebikes will work with you to design the perfect electric bike for you.

Are you intrigued as to what your custom electric bicycle will look like once built? If so, you should use our electric bike design tool to create a rendering and find out!.

We Build it

At Unconquered Customs we are constantly researching and importing the newest updates in ebike technology. We offer exclusive features such as indexable pedals, and sine wave based controllers. Our motors are custom made to fit your bike by some of the world’s top electric motor manufacturers and we can incorporate motors which satisfy whatever top speed requirements you may have

You Ride it

All Unconquered custom ebikes are thoroughly tested and pushed to their limits. At Unconquered we build our custom electric bicycles to last thousands of miles and look good doing it and we guarantee a smile on your face when you twist the throttle!

 Design an Unconquered Custom ebike that suits your style!  Click on the button below and get started!


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