Customize your electric bike!

Customize? Aren't electric bikes straight from the factory perfect already?

The thing is, most electric bikes are mass produced, so after a while, you’ll notice even though there seems to be many different types out there, they are actually all very similar. This market is causing customers to think about customizing their electric bikes to suit their individuality, and stand out from the crowd. In many cases, a factory electric bike may be well made and functional but will lack the originality and the personality of the owner. Most riders will form a unique relationship with their electric bike that only they tend to understand. They want to customize their electric bike to look and handle the way they want. They want to customize their individual electric bike build.

Technology, it’s safe to say, has made the world in which we live today pretty much homogeneous. Drive down the road, and you’ll come across hundreds of electric bikes and other vehicles that pretty much look the same. Let’s face it, there are only so many electric bike brands in the world, right?

The world that we have just described can be boring, to say the least. I mean, who wants to drive an electric bike that looks exactly the same as the one driven by the guy next door. The good news, at least where Unconquered Custom electric bikes are concerned, is that there are many options to customize and turn your ride into a one and only statement. Your custom electric bike is, in this regard, a vintage canvas on which you can showcase your creativity.

So what are some quick options to customize your electric bike?

Customize your electric bike tank

customize your electric bike faux tanks

customized e bike

(Of course our gas tanks do not hold gas, they hold electricity! housing a high tech lithium ion polymer power plant). We offer multiple traditional colors customizable to your taste. The rendition above blends a stovepipe black tank with flat black tank badge and black phenolic knee guards, this combination on a black chassis is sure to make your build pop! Learn more about our customized electric bike tanks here.

Customize your electric bike tires

Be sure the tires on your electric bike are customized

Each customer should complete their vintage electric bike build at the design (product configurator) stage by selecting a pair of the latest Unconquered Custom vintage fat tires from our quality line. And while they may look like your father’s fat tires, they certainly won’t have the feel of your father’s fat tires. Unconquered Custom vintage electric bike fat tires deliver the perfect balance of old and new. The patterns and colors offer a classic look, while each tire’s functionality has been engineered for modern performance.

 Customize your electric bike throttle

customize your electric bike throttle

As you may or may not know, there are three common types of throttles for electric bikes. The thumb throttle, full twist throttle and a half twist throttle which, as the name implies - rotates half of the distance of the full handlebar diameter. Of course each of these throttles has their pros and cons. Learn more about options to customize your electric bike throttle here

Customize your electric bike seats

ensure that you customize your electric bike seats

 Choose from our popular vintage bobber styles or traditional tractor styles in either black or brown leather or poly urethane. Learn more about our customized electric bike seat options here

 Customize your electric bike front end suspension

customize the look and suspension of your electric bike front end

Choose from rigid or springer designs for a more aggressive ride, or more comfort. The choice is yours.

Customize your electric bike helmet

customize your electric bike helmet

Stay street legal at the throttle or in the sidecar, with a German tactical WW2 motorcycle helmet and add character to your ride! This classic German battle helmet was first developed sometime between WWI and WW2 for general purpose use within the German Army. There was no need to create a separate helmet for soldiers in mobile motorcycle units, they simply wore the battle helmets. Customize your electric bike headgear here

 Customize your electric bike payment plan!

custom ebike

Pay at your own pace!
Having a bad month? No worries! Pay only the minimum to avoid interest. Having a good month? Pay more than the suggested monthly payment and pay your machine off sooner! If purchase is paid in full within 12 months, no interest will be charged. Learn how to customize your electric bike payment plan here

Customize your own ebike to suit your style! Click on the button below and get started!
 motorized bicycle custom gas tank