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The Unconquered vintage style electric bike at a glance



At first glance, most riders mistake Unconquered vintage style e bikes (design your own here) for early American motorcycles i.e. Indian or Harley, until they spot the powerful hub motor laced inside the rear wheel. This perfect harmony of classic motorcycle aesthetics, quality and modern tech is the vision of a veteran who founded Unconquered Customs and created this unique customized retro electric bike concept.


E bikes - great for people who want to save money!

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Been thinking about trading in your second car for an e bike? Or purchasing an electric bike to cut costs on daily commuting? You are not alone and your search may be over!

E bikes are becoming more and more popular as an alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. This is largely due to the sharp rise in the price of gas, the ease of use and lack of red tape to operate electric bicycles (You do not need a license, registration or insurance to ride) and the extremely low cost of ownership and charging. Electric bikes are battery powered, which can be recharged either at a charging station or by plugging them into a standard household outlet.

Charging a battery powered e bike is much cheaper than refueling a car, even when taking into account the most expensive electric bike with the largest battery packs.

E bikes are very easy to drive and mostly free to park. All ebike classifications do not require insurance or a license to operate. Electric bikes represent a very cost-effective, convenient and exciting new option for many commuters.

Ebikes - for both the bike paths AND street legal fun!

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A class 3 electric bike

A higher speed limit is what differentiates an Unconquered Custom class 3 vintage style e bike from counterparts within the class 1- 3 e bike market. Class 3 ebikes continue to garner support by electric bike riders, especially ones eager for excitement. This is mainly because class 3 ebikes offer acceleration to higher speeds, making class 3 electric bikes the fastest category of US ebikes that don’t fall into the electric motorcycle category, and they propel riders much faster than would any electric bike found within the other two classes.

Class 3 ebikes must have a speedometer, an operable set of pedals and may or may not have a throttle. Each Class 3 Unconquered Custom vintage electric bike incorporates all of the above including either a thumb throttle or twist grip throttle, so your motor is always ready to engage up to 100% of it’s available power - allowing you to make your journey with or without any leg work.

Ultimately true top seeds of an Unconquered Custom vintage electric bike are ungoverned and programmed by the rider from the LCD dashboard interface. Aesthetically these retro electric bikes resemble early board track racer motorcycles. Inspired by early twentieth-century Harley and Indian board track racing bikes, Unconquered Custom retro style electric bikes borrow from the aerodynamic aesthetic, and feel of the originals, but includes all of the fun and freedom of an e bike.

Aboard an Unconquered Custom, you are not limited to pedal assist - why not ride using thumb throttle or RH twist grip throttle only!



Not all ebikes have throttles. Most e-bike manufacturers do not produce twist grip powered electric bikes. This may be due to restrictions on use, the need and cost of the additional components, or those additional components are required to be installed by retailers who lack the know-how to do it; some might even just prefer selling only certain models without any throttle function at all!

The following passage was taken from our research into ebikes: "Most manufacturers don't produce throttle powered electric bikes due either physical inability (often caused by design) to implement twist grip technology effectively, OR marketplace demand simply isn’t sufficient". That said, there are a few e-bike companies that do sell e-bikes with throttles - congratulations, you have found one of them!

Electric bikes with twist grip accelerators are gaining more popularity than pedal assist-only models. This is largely due to their similarity to motorcycles and their many advantages over traditional electric bikes - for one, you are not limited to leg power! riding is accomplished without pedaling at all! It's also great if the range of your destination is further than normal because there won't be any extra effort on behalf of your legs either; just throttle power to the motor from the handlebars and let it do all work - cruise and enjoy the scenery!

Vintage looks and quality meet power, new school tech and extras - watch precision motor and hydraulic disc brakes to name a few!

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Each Unconquered Custom e bike has some notable performance characteristics which make them a pleasure to ride. For starters, a large battery pack with extended battery life allows 60+ kilometers of range per single charge and the motors are capable of 394 RPM delivery, great for a healthy top speed with regenerative braking capabilities! If you live in an area that's wet, hilly, or has snow you’ll be interested to know that our models provide many capable safety extras like hydraulic disc brakes, performance extra wide tires and optional front suspension fork for riding at speed limits, while preventing both riders and cargo from skidding into traffic. If yours is a longer commute, our 52V battery will help leave range anxiety at the door! These features make our products perfect both on-road or off it - in other words, you'll never be disappointed when one of these bad boys arrives at your doorstep.

Vintage style ebike design constructed from top-shelf components



Our company uses top-notch components within each build beginning with light weight aluminum aircraft alloy used in the frame with Chromoly where you need it for the perfect strength-to-weight ratio - each frame is built to last a lifetime. Roll on fat tires in extreme comfort from the pneumatic suspension they provide. Thanks to the upright riding position and the cushioned seat, you’ll be able to ride for hours without experiencing any discomfort. Program top speed and 30+ other details and parameters of each journey using the world beating tech within our dashboard/controller interface. And character is maintained right down to the kick stand!

Rear wheel power!



Each hub motor is hand laced into the spokes, dished then trued into the rear wheels of each bike. The motor can either be programmed to kick in with more power responding to your natural cadence via pedals w/ sensor providing you with 5 x levels of pedal assist. Or the bike can be programmed to accelerate your speeds in thumb throttle or pure twist grip mode.


Lithium Ion Battery



Our battery incorporates 65 lithium-ion cells (the same chemistry tesla uses) soldered in a series/ parallel configuration for 52 volts of power!

As mentioned previously the cost of electricity per charge of an electric bike can vary depending on the size of the battery, motor as well as local electricity rates. However, on average, you can expect that it will cost around 6 to 15 cents to fully charge the average electric bicycle battery.

In comparison, the cost of filling up a car can be significantly more expensive, often upwards of $120 or more. Therefore, ebikes provide a much more affordable and eco-friendly option for those looking to reduce their costs and their carbon footprint.

Over 30 different programmable motor settings!

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We won't bore you with all of the awesome programmability of our vintage electric bikes , but here are some quick highlights; 

- Create a unique PIN for bike ignition

- Program power delivery and top speeds

- Adjust controller maximum current 

- Adjust power assist

- Allow cruise control

- Enable regenerative braking for extended battery range

Our pedals are special!

We gave each of our vintage electric bicycles a pair of indexable, operable bike pedals. Yes, it’s a bicycle, with all the standard features of a bicycle, but riding it feels more like riding a motorcycle. Twist your grip and go!

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Financing options ensure our customers an affordable sale price

Many design challenges come with customization, and it’s very difficult to make a customized vintage style ebike look good while delivering on speeds and range at a price that buyers can accept. To solve this problem our company has launched flexible finance options truly unique to the e bike industry. For the same monthly price as your daily coffee, we’ve got you covered from the office to the beach, and we can guarantee a much more enjoyable daily ride than your colleagues! Plus you can't ride your coffee to the beach!

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The team of professionals that will construct your e bike

hydraulic disc brakes


The Unconquered Team itself is small, comprised mostly of fabrication craftsmen and engineers. Each Unconquered Custom is assembled by hand in ‘factory 1’ with the construction lasting around 3 - 4 weeks from the time of order to delivery. In this way, the team can focus solely on each machine throughout the build cycle.

 The craftsmanship that goes into making these custom electric bikes retro and our company’s attention to even the smallest of details is directly opposed to the “planned obsolescence” attitude of many e bike manufacturers in the market today. “Quality is our utmost concern…. No mistakes or cheap shortcuts ever leave the shop, and all components are the best we can build or that money can buy. we want our vehicles to be ridden and enjoyed for decades to come”

The vintage electric business is boomin'



Interest has grown rapidly in what we thought to be a narrow or niche market initially. In the beginning, we sold mainly to customers who simply wanted to own a vintage style electric bike for novelty’s sake, but since then, our bikes have sold to urban office commuters, lawyers, marines, the environmentally conscious into battery power you name it.

With new retro electric bikes on the menu, we hope to build machines to suit all customer types.

In fact, with the quality that goes into these vintage style e bikes…. we wholeheartedly believe each Unconquered Custom is a viable alternative to owning a car! The bikes are certainly cheaper, you can purchase one with no money down and < 100 per month, plus a full charge in the tank costs only pennies!

When you don’t have to pay for a license, registration, insurance, or gas, it starts to make a lot of sense.

As far as customization goes, our team can match any color scheme, front end, suspension, gas tank, drive train, accents, or other customer desire you put in front of us.

And Unconquered Customs has just added a sidecar to their vintage e bike manufacturing repertoire, the classic design - meets modern tech approach continues—as does the quality of each build!


vintage electric bike