Vintage electric bike

Unconquered vintage electric bike at a glance

At first glance, you might mistake an Unconquered Custom Vintage Electric bike for an antique motorcycle, until you spot the powerful electric motor laced inside the historic rear wheel. This fusion of classic aesthetics and modern tech is the vision of a veteran who founded Unconquered Custom Electric Cycles to create this unique vintage electric bike brand.vintage e bike

Vintage electric bikes are street legal fun

Legally, an Unconquered Custom vintage electric bike is a bicycle, and it can be ridden in “street legal” mode, which caps at 28 mph. Alternatively, you can drive it off road in motorcycle mode with un governed top speeds. Aesthetically, it resembles an early board track racer motorcycle. Inspired by early twentieth century Harley and Indian board track racing bikes, the Unconquered Custom vintage electric bike borrows from the aerodynamic aesthetic, and feel of the originals, but gave the design a pair of indexable, operable bike pedals. Yes, it’s a bicycle, with all the standard features of a bicycle, but riding it feels more like being on a motorcycle. Twist the throttle and go.. . Off-road, the speed is un governed!

The team that will construct your vintage electric bike

The Unconquered Team itself is still small, comprised mostly of fabrication craftsmen and engineers. Each Unconquered Custom is assembled by hand in ‘factory 1’  with the construction lasting around 3 - 4 weeks from the time of order to delivery. In this way the team can focus solely on each individual machine throughout the build cycle.

vintage electric bike

The craftsmanship that goes into each Unconquered Custom vintage electric bike and the company’s approach to quality is directly opposed to the “planned obsolescence” attitude of many e bike manufacturers in the market today. “Quality is our utmost concern…. No mistakes ever leave the shop, and all components are the best we can build or that money can buy.. we want our vehicles to be ridden and enjoyed for decades to come”

The vintage electric bike business is boomin'

Their sales have grown in what they thought to be a narrow or niche market initially. In the beginning Unconquered vintage electric bikes sold mainly to customers who simply wanted to own a vintage style electric bike for novelty’s sake, but since then, our bikes have sold to urban office commuters, lawyers, marines, you name it. With new vintage electric bike models imminent, Unconquered Customs hopes to build different styles of bikes for customer types.

In fact, with the quality that goes into these vintage style e bikes…. An Unconquered Custom can be seen as a viable alternative to owning a car! The bikes are certainly cheaper, as you can purchase one with no money down and < 100 per month, and a full charge in the tank costs only pennies! When you don’t have to pay for a license, registration, insurance, or gas, it starts to make a lot more sense. As far as customization goes, the team can match any color scheme, front end, suspension, drive train or accents requested.

And Unconquered Customs has just added a side car to their vintage e bike manufacturing repertoire, the classic design - meets modern tech approach continues—as does the quality of each build.


Author - John Dunn, is a freelancer, electric bike enthusiast and guest blogger.

vintage electric bike