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Unconquered Custom electric bikes roll on vintage fat tires!

Someone once said …. ‘Old school is the best school’. If this statement resonates with you, then you’ll understand why we incorporate a pair of vintage fat tires into each electric bike we build. If you like nostalgia and an authentic look, then a set of fat vintage bike fat tires is the right aesthetic for you!. They say that nostalgia is among the most compelling of emotions, something to do with our longing for the past. And nostalgia is precisely the emotion we endeavor to stir through our builds at Unconquered Customs. Remembrance of a simpler time; before worries like gas, emissions, license, registration, and insurance got the better of us. A time when motorcycling was young, when you could simply hop on your bike and enjoy the sense of adventure for your coming journey. Freedom sat parked in the backyard, the shed or the garage just waiting for you to hop on.
If you are indeed searching for a vintage electric bike you are by nature an adventurer! You are also an individual who understands the finer things, one who has an appreciation for craft, skill, and the timeless aesthetic of both design and attitude. Your bike has to be classic. Your apparel is probably classic. And your overall ethos, philosophy and outlook on life is probably (you guessed it) classic! In fulfilling this guiding principle as it pertains to your electric bike design, vintage fat tires are the only choice, they have to be incorporated into the build. Anything less would be unauthentic. Fortunately, Unconquered Custom Electric Cycles gets it. In fact, our entire company is built on taking the latest in modern technology then seamlessly incorporating it within time tested guidelines of retro motorcycle styling. We create vintage machine builds and pack them with the latest tech. Check out our cafe racer electric bikes here. Old school quality and looks engineered for your modern commute.
Yes, Vintage electric bikes are hot right now. Just ask anyone on our factory floor! Their appeal is wide reaching. Unconquered Custom electric bike designs are meant to inspire the young boy or girl racer within each of us. Vintage electric bikes also present the perfect canvas for you to exercise your sense of style when it comes to creative customization. Our vintage designs draw on a proud 100 year history of U.S. bike makes and models already in the books, and there is plenty to draw on for inspiration! And while rare antique motorcycles continue to break record books wide open at the auction block, there is still plenty of affordable fun and enjoyment to be had for the enthusiast who purchases a vintage style electric bike.
fat tire electric bike

Our fat tires complete each labor of love

Ask any of our customers, and they’ll tell you that any sleepless nights will be well worth it when you take delivery of your Unconquered Custom electric bike. The feeling of absolute freedom when you climb aboard your Unconquered for the first time has been described as without parallel. First impressions are of the overwhelming quality of the machine itself. It is obvious from the first glance that all components within your Unconquered build are superior. With this in mind each new customer should complete their vintage electric bike build at the design (product configurator) stage by selecting a pair of the latest Unconquered Custom vintage fat tires from our quality line. And while they may look like your father’s fat tires, they certainly won’t have the feel of your father’s fat tires. Unconquered Custom vintage e bike fat tires deliver the perfect balance of old and new. The patterns and colors offer a classic look, while each tire’s functionality has been engineered for modern performance.

In fact there are many practical reasons to appreciate the tires on your Unconquered Custom Electric Cycle;

Fat tire traction

fat tire electric bike

Our bikes were designed for both the street and rough terrain, but also as a reliable all season machines, and fat tires will not slip on wet pavement or gravel roads. Our tires are capable of extending your fun well into the winter months. They make commuting in colder weather a cinch. This is a great example of how Unconquered vintage fat electric bike tires outshine our competition’s slimmer counterparts. You’ll never have to retire your commute during the winter months again.

Fat tire superior off road performance

Let the fat tires on your Unconquered take you places you’ve never been before (on regular tires that is). Fat tires are known to offer improved grip and traction, perfect for wet or dry terrain. Not only are Unconquered fat e bike tires good in the snow, they perform great off road in the gravel and sand too. Customers lucky enough to live on the coast drive our bikes to and onto the beach! Taking your vintage electric bike off the beaten path down the dirt roads and pathways is good for the soul.. Gain a new perspective and appreciation of your local trails. Remember, riding a vintage machine is not about pure speed, but motorcycling the way it was meant to be! Pure freedom at a slower and more comfortable pace. … And with a pair of vintage fat electric bike tires you can accomplish with a smile on your face instead of bruising your backside or putting unnecessary stress on your machine.

Fat tire shock absorption

Our fat electric bike tires are designed to diffuse pressure between rider and bike through their extra contact surface. Riding over bumpy terrain on a pair of vintage fat e bike tires is akin to rolling along over paved surfaces on a regular tires. You hardly feel the damn things when barreling down a dirt road! Our fat tires make commuting over long distances less work. And much like the pneumatic qualities of automobile tires, the fat tires on your Unconquered electric bike  absorb more shock than anything you’ll find on our competition, or any regular bicycle. Though bumps and grooves won’t suddenly disappear, they’ll certainly become less jarring on a pair of vintage fat e bike tires than on a set of traditional tires. Our vintage fat electric bike tires make the ride much smoother and enjoyable instead of the headache inducing ride you can expect from the competition. Sometimes it’s fun to motor off the beaten lane without needing to down a bottle of Advil afterwards!


Fat tire simplicity

Unconquered fat e bike tires remove all of the guesswork, or need for know-how when it comes to cycling. Forget about calculating rolling resistance or weight. Fat tires do not need regular inflation to precise levels, they provide a high standard of rider comfort even at low tire pressure. Instead of calculating efficiencies, spend your time enjoying your commute, leisurely buzzing along, or pushing as hard and as fast on the throttle as you can….. Your Unconquered Custom electric bike will do all the heavy lifting for you on a pair of quality vintage fat electric bike tires. Sure, it may not improve your cardio much, but sometimes it’s fun to simply motorcycle where you need to go just for the sake of the ride, right?


Fat tires simply look cool!

When we initially chose fat tires for use in our vintage electric bike designs it was based on the desire to remain congruent and true to the tire styles of the earliest motorcycles and maintain strict adherence to the classic 26” x 3’ wide formula. Since then we have discovered a much more obvious and superficial reason, they look cool as hell! And our customers especially appreciate customizing a pair of their choosing, specific to their individual build. After all, Unconquered fat tires can be uniquely customized to fit your desired look and specifications. Choose a color or whitewall within our Build Your Bike tool that is totally you!


In conclusion, some may think it silly or perhaps a little obsessive to pen an article dedicated to the virtues of the Unconquered vintage fat electric bike tire. But it is our sincere hope that this article should convey to the reader how important the smallest details are when it comes to quality, performance and the aesthetics of design here at Unconquered Custom Electric Cycles.
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