Cafe racer electric bike

From the beach to the office, this cafe racer electric bike will get you there in style!  

cafe racer electric bike

So it looks as though we are all trying to figure out how to get back to our offices after existing as shut-ins for so long! Freedom has once again become something we must strive daily to achieve. And I know that if there’s a way of avoiding a commute by packed bus or rail filled with sweaty office workers, then I’m going to find it! After some research, I came across Unconquered Custom cafe racer electric bikes and found them becoming the transportation solution for many students and suited execs alike, and rightly so! With unlimited customization options, easy plug-in charging, and traffic-beating capabilities, these cafe racer styled electric bikes are taking the effort out of the morning rush and removing boredom from the drive home

cafe racer electric bike yellow accents

The Unconquered Custom is a cafe racer electric bike with all the style of a beautiful old BSA or Enfield, but with the stripped-back, lightweight, and futuristic simplicity that comes with an electric motor instead of a noisy engine. It’s a café racer styled electric bike that rides like a motorcycle, feels like a motorcycle, and draws the eyes of the crowd as any vintage cafe racer should.

Unconquered Customs knows that electric bikes are not new anymore, and you can no longer wow people just by being electric—you need to do better than that. So the company is allowing their customers to create custom vintage café racer electric bikes via their online design tool and then setting to work putting these unique designs into production and onto the road!

This unique combination of client driven customization and new school tech has resulted in a line of custom electric bikes that look as good as any gas-powered bike out there but with a silent motor, and a more refined design.

cafe racer electric bike with white walls

For Unconquered, their custom cafe racer electric bikes had to tick several critical boxes: Top speed had to be fully programmable, a minimum range of 60 + km per charge. And the bike had to be assembly ready, which meant tooling up a shop with laser, cnc & tig welding machines.

There are a ton of cafe racer electric bikes, light electric motorcycles (mainly in the off-road segment), and expensive electric sports bikes,” But there still isn’t much in this high-level ‘custom electric bike mid-size segment. And nothing that I’ve seen in production so far.

Incorporating Cafe racer looks into an electric bike

The overall aesthetic is not as easy to create as it looks—in fact, customizing these bikes can be incredibly difficult. Making a complex product look simple is one of the hardest things to do, and that’s especially true with Unconquered cafe racer electric bikes. The ‘tank’ on these cafe racer electric bikes always seems to get a lot of comments. Putting a faux gasoline tank on the bike may sound unnecessary. But at the same time, and particularly with this café racer style of bike, some sort of heritage and natural evolution in the overall look of the machine was required.

Most cafe racer electric bikes have a drop in/perimeter style frame, where the battery box fits in the middle and the controller sits on top under a ‘tank.’ But each Unconquered Custom sits on an 82-inch-long tube framed chassis. ‘The chassis is super strong and adds a retro/soulful element that most cafe racer electric bikes just don’t have.’ With clever use of lines, bends, radiuses, and angles, it all works

The rims are 26-inch aluminum, front and back, dressed with 3 inch fat tires and customizable performance front ends. And the detail work seems as good as the engineering on not only obvious items like the leather seats but also things like the CNC’d foot pegs, mounts and brackets.

The bike is also equipped with a digital display, 5 x pedal assist modes, Throttle control, and a battery level indicator plus all the other gadgets that you would expect from a high-end electric motorcycle.

The battery lithium ion polymer cells are Panasonic, and the lcd and controller options are Bafang (two of the best companies in the world for this type of tech).

cafe racer electric bike in army olive drab

Notice the pedals? That’s right – it’s an e-bike with a difference. With no license, insurance, or oil changes required, and these pedals are special.

Cafe racer style vs price challenges for an electric bike

There are many design challenges that come with customization, and it’s very difficult to make a customized cafe racer electric bike look good while delivering on speed and range at a price that buyers can accept. To solve this problem Unconquered Customs launched flexible finance options truly unique to the electric bike industry. For the same monthly price as a brand new MacBook, they’ve got you covered from the cafe to the beach, or office and can guarantee a much more enjoyable daily commute than your colleagues!

Unconquered Customs plans on continuing to release new customization options via their product online electric bike design tool as their customers line up to create custom café racer electric bikes unique to their individual style.

And we’ll be lining up in the queue too, because this is one of the most promising developments, we’ve seen in the electric bike space outside of the major manufacturers. Here’s hoping that Unconquered Customs gets this one across the finish line!

Author - Tim Favors, is a Fiverr technology content contributor, a freelance writer, electric bike enthusiast and guest blogger.

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