Electric bike no pedals

Electric bike no pedals

electric bike no pedals

Electric vehicles are becoming all the rage these days. Despite these awesome technological marvels, the bicycle itself is not completely dead. On the contrary, bicycles have evolved just as much as any other vehicle in the form of pedal-less electric bikes. On an electric bike with no pedals, you can engage the electric motor and accelerate your bike via a twist or thumb throttle. There are a few situations where you'd want this feature:

When you become tired;

On a long recreational ride or commute there may be times when you tire and simply do not want to pedal. Maybe you're feeling ill or it's the end of a long day and you are miles away from your car or home. On a conventional bike, you've got to dig in and keep pedaling. But with a pedal-free electric bike, you can get back home and rest.

When you want to cruise

Sometimes it's just fun to cruise. Or sometimes you want to go really fast enjoy the performance of your electric bike, and you don't want to be distracted from the effort of pedaling you just want to twist the throttle and go!

And while the utility of pedal free electric bikes has never been in question. The trouble has always been to find a versatile electric bike design with no pedals. An ebike you can be proud to be seen riding because it looks and functions exactly like a motorcycle or scooter with no pedals yet maintains the functionality of an operable set of pedals, both to satisfy the legal definition of an electric bike, and in case your battery dies and you have to pedal.

 Read on we have a solution to this conundrum!

electric bike no pedals

One important thing to keep in mind when shopping for an electric bike with no pedals is that if the electric bike you are considering purchasing has no pedals at all - it may fall under a different legal definition than a traditional electric bike that has operable pedals. I.e. it could be classified as a scooter or electric motorcycle etc.. Many local laws define an electric bike as one with an operable set of pedals fit for human pedal assist. So although your electric bike with no pedals might fit every other definition of an electric bike, local law enforcement might classify it as an electric scooter etc, which can have stricter laws and more restrictions i.e. the necessity of a license, insurance etc to operate. And authorities are keen to hand out fines to riders who remove their ebike pedals! See legal electric bike definitions and classifications below.

 Electric bike classifications

Electric bikes within the U.S. and Canada carry a classification based on how fast they propel a rider and how they provide acceleration. For example, by pedal assist only, or through the use of a throttle. The one common rule across all ebike classifications within the US and Canada is that riders must maintain a set of operable pedals to maintain ebike status. The Bicycle Product Suppliers Association (BPSA) classifies electric bikes based on the top speed at which the electric bike motor assists the rider, and how much effort it takes to get the bike up to speed. Twenty-two states have now adopted this three-class system. An electric bike’s classification will determine if you can ride your electric bike on bike paths and in bike lanes, or strictly on roadways, these laws vary by state.

  • Class 1 bikes can have up to a 1hp motor that provides assist while you are pedaling at speeds up to 20 mph.
  • Class 2 bikes have a throttle and a 1hp motor that can propel a bike up to and maintain 20 mph, without having to continuously pedal.
  • Class 3 bikes can also be equipped with a 1 hp electric motor, but can assist you up to 28 mph.

All are allowed in most states and cities throughout the United States without the requirement of a license, registration or insurance. Unconquered Custom Electric Cycles are categorized as Class 3 out of the factory as they come preprogrammed for 28 mph. But each Unconquered Custom can easily be programmed post purchase to satisfy either of the other (class 1, or class 2) categories.

Our 'no pedal' electric bike solution!

electric bike no pedals

The pedals on board an unconquered custom electric bike are fully indexable. Meaning that with the pull of a plunger you can index both pedal positions to bottom dead center much like the foot pegs on a motorcycle. 

electric bike no pedals

 Index your pedals when you want to keep your legs in a comfortable position during pure throttle (motorcycle) mode riding. They can be re-indexed at any time to 180 degrees if pedaling becomes necessary.

Important factors to consider when researching your options on a pedal free electric bike of this nature;

  • For many people, speed is the most important factor. This is in regard to either a restricted top max speed or un governed speeds to satisfy their rush for adrenaline. Different pedal-free electric bikes have different batteries and motors which will provide different rates of max speed or acceleration. You want to make sure you get a pedal-free electric bike that is neither too slow nor too fast for you. 
  • No one likes a weak battery, which is why how many miles you get per charge is one of the first things anyone should figure out when selecting a pedal-less electric bicycle. The more juice you can squeeze out of a full battery, the better. Remember the more you ride an electric bike with no pedals (throttle only) The faster you will drain your battery, so a battery with a large capacity  (ours is housed within a custom gas tank) is a must!
  • Comfort and safety are arguably the most important things to consider: Adjustable seats are a great component, but responsive hydraulic disc brakes like the ones found on an Unconquered Custom are even better. Headlamps ought to be be bright for nighttime operation but also energy efficient, so they do not excessively drain your battery.

These three are must haves, but the reality is that there is much more to a pedal-free electric bike. For instance the aesthetics of a ride that suits your unique style is important to just about anybody 

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