Electric beach cruiser bike

Electric beach cruiser bike

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What is an electric beach cruiser bike? How does it work? What are the benefits of owning one? These are all great questions! An electric beach cruiser bike, also known as an electric cruiser bicycle, is a type of bicycle that has a rear hub motor attached to it. Read  more about electric bike motors.

This motor, with help from an electric bike battery propels the cruiser bike forward, making it easier for you to ride. Electric cruiser bikes have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason - they offer a number of benefits that regular electric bikes do not.

In this article, we will discuss all the different benefits of owning an electric beach cruiser bike, as well as how to choose the right one for you. We will also compare electric beach cruiser bikes with regular electric bikes and discuss which is may be preferable.

What is an electric beach cruiser bike and how does it work ?

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Beach cruiser bikes are known for their comfort and leisurely ride. They usually have fat tires, a low seat, and a simple design. But what sets an electric beach cruiser bike apart from a regular beach cruiser?

An electric beach cruiser bike is equipped with a rear hub motor and battery that helps power the bike. Electric beach cruiser bikes typically have a battery pack that is located either in the front or rear of the electric bike. Our battery is located inside the gas tank!

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This battery pack powers the rear hub motor, located in the rear wheel of the bike. The motor helps to propel the electric cruiser bike forward and can reach speeds of up to 28 miles per hour legally. Electric beach cruiser bikes also have a throttle that allows you to go even faster without pedaling! A beach cruiser electric bike with no pedals!

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So, if you’re looking for a leisurely ride on the beach or want a bike that can give you a little extra power with some vintage style an electric beach cruiser bike is the way

The benefits of owning an electric cruiser bike

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Are many! You can beach bum all day, or take on some serious cross-country terrain. With hydraulic brakes or mechanical disc brakes and a rear rack, your electric beach cruiser is ready for anything.

Still not convinced? Here are a few more benefits of owning an electric beach cruiser bike:

- An electric cruiser bike is great for short commutes. No more sitting in traffic or fighting for a parking spot. Just hop on your beach cruiser and enjoy the ride.

- Electric cruiser bikes are perfect for a day at the beach. Load up your beach cruiser with all your beach gear and hit the sand. No more lugging everything by hand!

- An electric cruiser bike is great for exploring new trails. With the e bike range of an electric beach cruiser, you can go further and explore more of what your locality has to offer!

Why not add a side car to transport your surfboard, dog or beach gear!

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Electric beach cruiser bikes vs regular electric bikes

Do you love the beach? Do you love riding bikes? What about riding electric bikes? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you should definitely consider getting an electric beach cruiser bike!

Beach cruiser electric bikes are very similar to regular electric bikes, but there are a few key differences that make them perfect for cruising around the beach.

For one, beach cruiser electric bikes usually have larger wheels, rims and tires that make them easier to ride on sand and most have better torque for greater hill climbing ability. They also often come with wider seats and handlebars, which makes them more comfortable and stable to ride.

Finally, they may have a higher max speed than regular electric bikes, which is perfect for fun rides on the beach. Read more at how fast is an electric bike.

Where to buy a beach cruiser electric bike and how much do they cost?


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If you're looking for a beach cruiser electric bike, check us out at Unconquered Customs. We'll custom build you an electric beach cruiser bike to your specifications, and you can generate your own price depending on what features you like or require.

Electric beach cruisers are worth the money because they ride smoothly, have mechanical / hydraulic brakes for safety, rear racks for cargo and come with pedal assist as well as throttle only control. This makes them ideal for riding on the beach or on any other terrain.

So, if you're looking for an electric bike that can handle the sand and sun, an electric beach cruiser is the way to go. Expect prices to start at around $2000, but can go up to $ 7000 depending on the features you want. Unconquered Customs will custom build you the best cruiser electric bikes around starting at the $3500 range, and you can finance your electric bike with flexible financing options to suit your budget.

Are electric cruiser bikes good for the beach?

Cruiser e bikes are ideal for city rides as well as for small trails and the beach. For the environmentally conscious among you... Yes a beach e bike with lower speeds than a traditional motorcycle has a much lower impact/ footprint on dirt roads as well as paved bicycle lanes.

How to choose the right electric beach cruiser bike for you

Why choose which electric beach cruiser bike is right for you, or shop around for other beach cruisers when you can design your own custom beach cruiser bike with premium components and features like: adjustable handlebar stem, lcd display, twist throttle, pedal assist mode, powerful hill climbing, front end suspension, max speed, battery life, aluminum alloy rims, brown and whitewall tires, tektro hydraulic disc brakes, tektro mechanical disc brakes, rear light, rear rack or saddle.

Full customization available

We offer each customer the ability to fully customize their beach cruiser electric bike, this way we can guarantee our riders the perfect experience, as their beach cruiser ebike will be built according to their unique individual preferences. Clientele can design their bike to look distinct by customizing every inch of our beach cruiser electric bikes front to rear. From cosmetics such as paint, tires, rims to rear rack and rear lights and everything in between. Customers can also modify these electric beach cruiser bikes to provide more safety, speed, increased range and power than stock. With customizing options such as powerful electric motors, beefy brakes and efficient batteries, our customers are able to tackle any terrain with ease. We know that we build the best electric beach cruiser bikes around, because each bike that we sell is designed by our customer! If you choose an Unconquered Custom, you can be sure that you'll have full control over every element of your ride.

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Do you imagine riding your electric beach cruiser bike along the boardwalk with the wind in your hair on a bike that will get you noticed or do you need something a little more low-key? What is your experience with electric bikes? Are you a seasoned veteran or are you just getting started?

These are important questions to ask yourself because they will help you narrow down your options when designing the perfect electric cruiser bike bike for you.

So, whether you're looking for something with serious motor power or something a little more laid back, whatever suits your unique style, we've got you covered. Design your own beach cruiser at Unconquered Customs we'll deliver the perfect custom built electric beach cruiser bike to you!

In conclusion

Beach cruiser e bikes are perfect for anyone who loves the beach, riding bikes or electric bikes.

Cruiser bikes are comfortable, efficient, environmentally friendly and you can design your own! So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Unconquered Customs and build your own beach cruiser bike today.

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