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The best ebike of 2022

best e bike

There are currently many options when it comes to procuring an ebike in North America... So many that, making a purchase decision can be really overwhelming! So, how do you know where to look? or when you've found the right ebike? Well, the fact that you are here, reading this article - means that your search has lead you in the right direction! Unconquered Custom ebikes are un paralleled in every measurable category that counts, and have received nothing but exceptional reviews. If you're looking for a high-quality ebike, you have come to the right place! 

Everyone has a different need or want from an ebike, whether you are looking to save some money and replace a vehicle, or a new way to take joy rides on the weekend, maybe you just simply aren't as mobile as you used to be, and are looking for an easier, less physical way to get around. Whatever the reason, an Unconquered Custom has you covered with an ebike which outperforms all others in every category across the board. 


Fat tires to keep your ebike balanced

best e bike

Fat tires are the perfect tool for extending your riding season if you live where it’s snowy or wet. Our bikes were designed for both the street and rough terrain, but also as reliable all season machines. Fat tires make the ebike easy to use while transporting cargo on a rear pannier or within saddle bags mounted mi drive. Fat tires are able to float over soft surfaces due to their low-pressure, making them not only great for use in the snow in the northern states, but also for riding on the sandy beaches of the southern and coastal states. The fatter the tire the softer the ride. Fat tires provide more traction and more pneumatic shock absorption on firm ground. For travel on firm trails, and at higher speeds, a fat tire provides a more satisfying, and less bouncy, ride. We chose the classic 26” x 3" dimensions as this style exhibits superior performance when measured across all terrains, and this style also stays true to the tire styles of the earliest motorcycles. Our fat ebike tires are designed to diffuse pressure between rider and bike through their extra contact surface and pneumatic absorption. Riding over bumpy terrain on a pair of vintage fat ebike tires is similar to rolling along over paved surfaces on regular tires and our customers especially appreciate customization options when it comes to looks, specific to their individual build. Unconquered fat ebike tires can be uniquely customized to fit your desired look and specifications using our design a bike tool. This is just the first of many reasons why Unconquered Custom ebikes are in in every discussion regarding the best ebikes of 2022!


Unconquered Customs propelled by superior ebike motors

Fundamentally speaking, ebike electric motors translate electrical energy into mechanical energy and transfer that mechanical energy into the rotation of the wheels. Unconquered Custom ebikes incorporate only the most efficient brushless DC motors, or BLDC motors, (meaning our motors do not use brushes to deliver current to the motor), as many inferior models do. The contact brushes within the motors of our competition make them far less efficient and much more prone to wear out and ultimately lead to failure over time. Unconquered Custom ebike brushless motors are truly the gold standard. In addition to the motor, all ebikes have motor controllers and batteries. The controllers modulate the amount of power flowing to the motor, which uses your input to transfer the desired amount of current from the battery into the motor. What makes Unconquered Custom ebikes superior to other brands is the method of power distribution to the motor. An Unconquered Custom ebike includes a twist grip throttle which allows you to accelerate the rotational speed of the motor independent of your pedaling. When looking for a reliable ebike motor you should look for motor output in torque. This will give you an idea of the total power because just like an engine within an automobile, more torque equals more power off the line, more acceleration and hill climbing capability. The best ebikes always have respectable torque when it comes to the performance breakdown of their motors. Unconquered Customs have gained a reputation for powertrain torque. Although our wheel base is a whopping 80 inches, many 200 + lb riders still experience the front tire wanting to come off the ground when they hit the throttle!

best e bike

Every Unconquered Custom ebike is fitted with a geared hub motor. This method generates more desired torque, and delivers a feeling of quick acceleration and power to riders of all sizes when you twist the throttle. Geared hub motors tend to be smaller in diameter, and lighter than direct-drive hub motors because they don’t need a large footprint to generate the same amount of torque on the wheel, these motors also include a freewheel which greatly reduces drag during coasting situations. Our rear hub geared motor is engineered to be light weight, reduce drag and produce maximum torque when energized. 


The best ebike battery to power your journey

Batteries are arguably the most important component of any ebike.  Without a good ebike battery, you won’t get very far! For many bikes, battery range is more important than total power. You want a bike that delivers a range long enough for your rides at the power levels you want. If you won’t settle for anything less than turbo speed, you’ll get the least amount of range (but the most amount of fun!) your battery offers. But why compromise? Unconquered Customs are at the top of their class when it comes to both speed and range. An Unconquered Customs ebike can reach speeds north of 30mph and our battery packs provide a range of 50+ miles!

best e bike

Here at Unconquered Customs we use a Lithium-ion Polymer battery which is the absolute BEST in terms of range and weight. This is the most power dense Lithium combo available and they are our chemistry of choice and the only type of cells we use at Unconquered Custom ebikes within our packs. Lithium-ion Polymer batteries contain no liquid, so they do not require the heavy protective cases which other batteries need. Also, the absence of free liquid within these batteries means that they are more stable and less vulnerable to problems caused by overcharge, damage or abuse. In the ebike industry, it's more likely that a limited battery lifespan is not due to cell chemistry, but instead due to poor quality control within the manufacturing process. If you purchase an Unconquered Custom Electric Cycle you can be assured that you are getting the best Lithium ion battery pack incorporated into your build that money can buy. Unconquered Customs is quickly gaining a reputation for our superior ebike battery packs. This is because we use only authentic name-brand Lithium Ion cells (Panasonic or Samsung) and choose only the very best models from these brands made with the best polymer ingredients and we house our batteries within customized gas tanks.


Design your own ebike build!

Are you in the market for an ebike but hating the available models that you have seen? With our design a bike tool we allow our customers to choose the customizations and style that suit their unique personalities From the tank and tank badge all the way down to the tires and rims, our customers have all the control when it comes to their individual builds. When you shop the competition for an ebike you will have to choose from their far less imaginative offerings. But who wants to do that? An ebike like this is an investment and we want our riders to enjoy every part of it. Fully customizing the bike yourself adds to the joy of owning and riding. Not only can you choose the colors of the tank, tank badge, knee guard, tires, rims, and seat, you can even choose your own throttle style AND add a fat pannier and/or saddle bags to carry your precious cargo! 


Easier to own than any other ebike!

best e bike

We know the economic challenges of 2022, which is why we made it easier than ever to afford our ebikes. Through our partnership with Klarna we offer friendly and flexible financing. At checkout, select Klarna to receive your ebike now and pay later then select your preferred payment plan. You will receive an instant credit decision and can complete your order right away. Our customers can then make monthly payments online or through their app using bank transfer or card payments. If you choose to pay this way you are able to decide the size of monthly payment that is right for you and then you simply service that monthly minimum. The coolest thing about this payment method is that you are not locked in to a fixed monthly payment. If you're having a bad month or unforeseen circumstances have arrived, ONLY pay the minimum to avoid interest. On the contrary, if you're having a good month you are able to pay more, and therefore, pay off your ebike quicker. Seem's too good to be true? Check out our easy finance options!

For these and many other reasons, we think you will agree that Unconquered Customs cafe racer style ebikes deserve a spot within any discussion relating to the best ebikes of 2022. Here at Unconquered Customs we build high performance customizable ebikes and deliver an esthetic and rider experience that is truly beyond compare.


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