Custom ebike that you design!

The Unconquered custom ebike fills a niche within the market

Customization is such an important part of the electric bike ownership experience! The same way that for decades people have been modifying their motorcycles to reflect their unique style and taste, people are now creating custom ebikes.

Unconquered Customs  applies this same spirit of individualization and personalization to each of their custom electric bicycles, showing customers just how much fun it can be to create a custom ebike that suits their own unique personality.

Design your own custom ebike!

It’s hard to find a custom electric bicycle that is 100 percent customized for you unless you’re willing to have it made from scratch, which is not the most convenient solution. But Unconquered claims it's custom ebikes offer a unique riding experience because they perfectly blend aesthetics with functionality, and these custom electric bicycles become an extension of the rider's personality.

Choose from a plethora of existing custom ebike build options and components


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Design your own custom ebike choosing from a plethora of color, design and component options. In fact, this is one of the best-selling points of Unconquered Custom ebikes. You get to personalize your custom ebike build to match your personality and individuality!

A favorite Unconquered custom ebike component to tailor make are the gas tanks

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Unconquered continuously developing new custom ebike build options

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Eg. though Unconquered Custom electric bicycles already have many eye-catching vintage e-bike designs , design options and components that draw on retro flair, they recently decided to double down on nostalgia and offer custom race bibs. 

As seen in the photo above, these new custom race bibs are a significant modification to the bikes’ aesthetics!

Will your custom ebike be street legal?

The short answer is yes. Unconquered Custom ebikes offer a fully programmable (on the fly) one size fits all solution which allows you to de-restrict your bike in seconds via the programmable LCD screen and satisfies any local ebike classification rule within the U.S. or Canada. For a full explanation of ebike classifications across the U.S.A and Canada click here.

Custom ebike builds which incorporate larger than standard motors may not be street legal and customers must ride at their own risk.

Why choose a custom ebike from Unconquered?

Unconquered specializes in building custom ebikes capable of delivering high performance, style and quality for a fair price. The custom ebike market is changing and evolving rapidly. Unconquered Custom ebikes offer higher performance machines and uses better quality motors, batteries and parts than any competitor. You can order custom ebikes online from across the world, but most are prohibitively expensive expensive with no alternative financing solutions, and when something breaks and needs repair you can be hung out to dry. All Unconquered Custom ebikes are built to last for generations, and they are also made to be easily repaired and modified at home or in the garage if need be.

Author - John Dunn, is a freelancer, electric bike enthusiast and guest blogger.

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