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What's cooler than a custom electric bike build?

One of the coolest things about custom ebikes seems to be their ability to spark inspiration and imagination. The possibilities are endless when piecing together a drivetrain, chassis, components and accents within your custom electric bike build and infinite creativity seems possible! And it was from this creative pallet that the first Unconquered Custom board track inspired electric bike was born.

Unconquered Customs looked both to the past and to the future for inspiration on the initial design, with a mandate from the founder to ‘pay homage to the glorious and fantastic board trackers, cafe racers and cruisers of the early twentieth century,’ with the inclusion of the latest modern tech i.e. an electric motor etc.


custom electric bike build


The Unconquered Custom is powered by a 1 kW pedal-assist (or fully throttled) geared hub motor laced into the rear wheel and an 18AH 52V battery standard capable of reaching ungoverned top throttle speeds and a range of 50 + miles. It also has all the paint and upholstery trimmings of a high-end cafe racer, and weighs a paltry 63lbs. And did I mention, it looks absolutely stunning!!

Unconquered began the journey to create their own custom electric bike rendition starting with a cruiser frame constructed from 6061 (tig welded joints), and then set about adding modifications to suit a modern electric bike rider’s needs, The steering tube had to change, and accommodations had to be made for the motor, crank clutch unit, battery pack and the other necessary components of an electric bike. Unconquered Customs took year long pains to ensure that the overall look, feel and geometry of their custom electric bike version was perfect.


building a custom electric bike


Next Unconquered put the fabrication skills at factory 1 to use in developing their own triple tree, springer and girder (suspensions/ front ends). In the process they created several customizable front end dampening systems to suit every rider’s comfort and taste. 

Unconquered wheels are produced from a shopping list of hubs, spokes and 26” rims, laced up and dished @ factory 1, the hydraulic disc brakes are liberated components from both the mountain bike and motorcycle families. There is a ton of detail packed into the cockpit too - an lcd display with every modern electric vehicle trip statistic you'd want in a custom electric bicycle and a traditional throttle (the motor can run with the pedals or solely by throttle). Keen eyes may spot a dashboard usb port on some models also. And to keep things super tidy, Unconquered runs 90% of all wiring and cabling inside the frame and tank.  

Include a custom electric bike battery within your build


building a custom electric bike tank


But it’s the Unconquered Custom electric bike motor and battery setup that is really unique. Unconquered houses the battery within a thermoformed faux gas tank and applies a customized paint job to each.

 Have an idea for a custom electric bike build that's not on the dropdown list? - No worries!


custom electric bike build


You may have inspiration that goes beyond the current available options within the Unconquered Custom ebike build design tool. Let them know what you have in mind for your custom electric bike build. In fact, many of the custom electric bike components currently manufactured at Unconquered evolved from customer ideas and suggestions. As with most of the custom electric bike components built at Unconquered these began with sketches, mock-ups then shaping the final parts from steel.

The Unconquered Custom electric bike is a shock success—equal parts classy and clever, masterfully balancing the past and the future. Now we just need some more on the road – or maybe a velodrome to go racing!

Author - John Dunn, is a freelancer, electric bike enthusiast and guest blogger.

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